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[ccnso-idncctld] GAC communique on IDN ccTLDs

  • To: "'Young Eum Lee'" <yesunny@xxxxxxxxxx>, "manal@xxxxxxxxxx" <manal@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [ccnso-idncctld] GAC communique on IDN ccTLDs
  • From: Donna Austin <donna.austin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 10:09:45 -0700

Dear Young-Eum and Manal

The Chairman of the Governmental Advisory Committee, Janis Karklins, has asked 
me to send this note on his behalf.

Pursuant to the IDN WG Charter, below is the text from the GAC's Paris 
Communiqué relating to IDN ccTLDs which will be delivered by Ambassador 
Karklins during the public forum on Thursday 26 June 2008.


The GAC welcomes the results of the IDNC Working Group towards the development 
of the "fast track" methodology to allow on an exceptional basis the 
introduction of a limited number of country code IDN top level domains.  The 
GAC believes the IDNC WG report and the recommendations contained therein 
provide the basis for the development of an implementation plan, and encourages 
the Board to initiate that process.  The GAC looks forward to contributing to 
these implementation proposals.

The GAC would like to stress its support for a continuation of the 
multi-stakeholder approach for the consideration of these matters to date, 
which has been useful in identifying many of the key issues in the IDNC Working 
Group report, issues which now need to be addressed in order to achieve the 
early implementation of IDN ccTLDs.

The GAC also recalls its agreement in New Delhi that the substantive public 
policy provisions set out by the GAC in the "Principles and Guidelines for the 
delegation and administration of country-code Top Level Domains" (adopted by 
the GAC in 2005) are equally relevant to the introduction of IDN ccTLDs, in 
particular the principle of delegation and re-delegation. In this respect, the 
GAC emphasised that it is primarily for the local Internet community, including 
the relevant government or public authority, to determine the manner in which a 
string should be selected, the manner in which a registry operator should be 
selected and the registry policy that should apply for the selected IDN ccTLD.

The GAC also feels that it would be inappropriate for new IDN ccTLDs to be 
obliged to enter into contractual agreements with ICANN, not least because this 
could introduce further significant delay to the implementation process.

The GAC believes that, where it is appropriate for an applicant to provide 
authentication of the meaning of the selected string from an internationally 
recognised organisation, UNESCO could be one such organisation.

The GAC is willing to contribute further to the process of developing the IDN 
ccTLD general policy, which will replace the fast track in due course.

The GAC welcomed presentations by UNESCO and ITU representatives regarding 
proposed collaboration between their organizations and ICANN to advance 
multilingualism and its contribution to promoting inclusion, the development of 
local content and increased global access to the Internet.  The GAC also notes 
the value of such cooperation among all relevant entities toward this goal (eg. 
ICANN, ISO, national and regional linguistic bodies).



Donna Austin
on behalf of
Janis Karklins
Chairman, Governmental Advisory Committee

From: owner-ccnso-idncctld@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:owner-ccnso-idncctld@xxxxxxxxx] On 
Behalf Of Chris Disspain
Sent: Thursday, 26 June 2008 1:12 AM
To: 'Young Eum Lee'; manal@xxxxxxxxxx
Cc: ccnso-idncctld@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [ccnso-idncctld] ccNSO resolution on INDC Fast Track

Young-Eum and Manal,

Pursuant to the IDNC WG Charter, below is the resolution passed today by the 
ccNSO Council.


Chris Disspain
Chair - ccNSO Council
Following the meeting of members today at which clear consensus was reached on 
the draft Final Report of the IDNC WG the Council resolves:

I. To thank the IDNC WG for its hard work in producing the Final Report.

II. Welcomes the report and endorses the recommendations contained there in.

III. To ask the IDNC WG to submit the report to the ICANN Board, with the 
endorsement of the recommendations by the ccNSO

IV. To request the Board to instruct the ICANN staff to prepare an 
implementation based on the recommendations contained in the report.

The council believes that the model of the IDNC WG has demonstrated the ability 
of the ICANN supporting organisations,  advisory committees and technical 
community  to work together in an efficient and effective manner.

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