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Fw: Renewal Of Verisign Contract Comment

  • To: <com-renewal@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Fw: Renewal Of Verisign Contract Comment
  • From: "24-7 Outdoors, Inc." <kellypitts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 11:18:16 -0400


This is not capitalism.  This is a monopoly ;  A disgusting monopoly.

God bless America!!!  Land of the ICANN no-compete bid contacts that allow 
something as fundamental and important as domain names to the world economy to 
go basically unchecked, and mostly unregulated, AND handed over on a silver 
platter to greedy Verisign.  Sickening!!!

Also, as inept, backwards, and I suspect corrupt as ICANN has been, they have 
demonstrated that their self-interests win over any public comment and will 
push for higher domain prices no matter what domain owners say.  Just watch.  
They have never once listened to public comments and acted accordingly.   

Studies have shown it costs about $2 per domain to run the registry. Why do 
prices need to go up without competitive bids???????????

North, north, north on prices with no end in sight, no competitive bids, and 
the blessing of ICANN.  How can this not look like corruption?   Someone or 
many people at ICANN have to be getting their palms greased.   This is not how 
the United States is supposed to work.

It's my opinion everyone at ICANN should be fired for such despicable actions.

I vote a loud and resounding NO to the renewal of the Verisign .com contract.  
In fact, I have never met one single person in the domain industry or otherwise 
that has been in favor of renewal of the Verisign .com contract.

This is 100% Un-American and a disgrace to all U.S citizens !!!    Shame on 
ICANN and Verisign for disgracing us.


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