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Proposed Amendment to .COM Registry Agreement

  • To: "comments-com-amendment-30jun16@xxxxxxxxx" <comments-com-amendment-30jun16@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Proposed Amendment to .COM Registry Agreement
  • From: Mike Anderson <moonbar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2016 18:10:37 +0000

Hello ICANN ,

First off, it seems rather disingenuous of your organization to try to renew 
the .com contract with VeriSign two years in advance. There is absolutely no 
reason why this contract should not be put out for public tender instead of 
being rammed through after a VERY short comment period.

Remember, you are supposed to be acting in the interest of the public, not your 
own interest or those of VeriSign.

I'll say it again: You are supposed to be acting in the interest of the public. 
 Are you listening?  I bet you are but will just do what you want anyhow like 
you always have, never taking into consideration the public comments .

You never have listened in the past so I don't know why you would now.  You 
have been ignoring the public's comments for many years and acting on your own 
accord with absolutely no accountability. This is why the Department of 
Commerce had to step in and do your job to freeze .com registration and renewal 
prices .

If this contract was put out for public tender there is absolutely no reason 
why .com prices should not fall tremendously.  All independent studies have 
shown this to be the case, yet you have chosen to ignore the facts.

Stop protecting your own interest and start protecting the interests of the 
public.  That is what you are there for, not for your insanely high salaries 
that you pay yourself under the guise of being a nonprofit.

Your organization has botched and literally every single thing that ever 
handled.  How about standing up straight and acting with some integrity for a 

I'll be sure to contact the DOC Department of Commerce since you guys probably 
did not and are trying to push this through without any oversight.

Please stop this anticompetitive monopoly that you are pushing on down the 
line.  The American people and the world deserve better.   If this contract was 
scrutinized under the The Sherman Antitrust Act it would surely fail and you 
know this.

Do what's right, dammit !


Maxwell Pugh

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