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Decentralize the registry/monopoly

  • To: "comments-com-amendment-30jun16@xxxxxxxxx" <comments-com-amendment-30jun16@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Decentralize the registry/monopoly
  • From: Sandeep G <sandeep955@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2016 18:28:50 +0000

Why are we proposing granting Verisign rights to maintain the registry for 
eight more years when we should be talking about building a more stable and 
cost effective Internet?

Right now we have one company that is responsible for maintaining the .com 
namespace, when it was not this company that originally created domain names 
nor the .com namespace in general.  This one company is making billions of 
dollars off of the Internet community for having a sweetheart deal with ICANN 
for running the .com namespace.

I challenge ICANN to think bigger and better.  In today's digital age we have 
decentralized technologies that work extremely well.  Take cryptocurrency as an 
example.  There is no central database managed by any one person or company -- 
yet it is a fully functional currency that can be used worldwide and is growing 
in adoption.  We do not have to look to any one company to get a specific 
record or do a lookup on funds, and the world works perfectly with this free 

Why is the registration of a domain name sourced to one behemoth for-profit 
organization?  Maintaining domain names is essentially the maintenance of a 
single record per domain name.   I challenge ICANN to dream big and be bold.  I 
challenge ICANN to decentralize the Internet as ICANN moves towards global 
independence.  I challenge ICANN to rethink domain names from the ground up, 
and to envision a world where we don't need one company to manage a domain name 
registration.  This should be a decentralized database.  And all you need to do 
is look no further than cryptocurrency to see that the concept exists, and that 
it works extremely well.

Let's evolve as the digital world around us grows into something bigger.  The 
proposed contract is giving one company $8 billion in free revenues???  When 
the entire system can be distributed and built to outlast that of one 
for-profit company.   Let's make the Internet bigger.  Better.  And more 

Just because the system is built one way today surely does not mean we can't 
innovate and make the Internet a better place for everyone worldwide!

Why is ICANN not looking out for the Internet community as a whole, and instead 
continuing to push for Verisign's best interest?

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