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DotGreen Community, Inc.'s 2nd Comment - The Internet Community and ICANN addressing Names Collision

  • To: comments-name-collision-05aug13@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: DotGreen Community, Inc.'s 2nd Comment - The Internet Community and ICANN addressing Names Collision
  • From: Annalisa Roger <annalisaroger@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 13:38:32 -0700

DotGreen Community, Inc.’s additional comments on The Internet Community
and ICANN together addressing Names Collision

ICANN released a “Name Collisions” study and report to the New gTLD / ICANN
/ Internet Community.  The study was conducted and report issued by
Interisle Consulting Group.  DotGreen, NTAG and many others responded
during the ICANN comment period and additional comments continue during the
current reply period ending September 17th, 2013.

On Thursday August 22, 2013, Artemis, an applicant for .SECURE, hosted an
open  Security Forum in San Francisco.  The meeting was very well attended
– Interisle was there, ICANN was invited and well represented, New gTLD
Applicants were there, VeriSign was there and amongst this group were many
technical experts.

The overall spirit of the community meeting was very collaborative and
focused on coming together as an “Internet Community” to listen to
Interisle, VeriSign, ICANN and various New gTLD applicants.  As each of the
parties were heard, there grew more understanding of  this issue from all
perspectives.  Discussion began in breakout sessions to ensure the risks
and complexities are clearly understood and to find a path forward that
introduces New gTLDs with out further delays, and  also mitigate undue
risks to the security and stability of the Internet.

Interisle acknowledged that they did not have enough data and it was
encouraging that several participants like Google and Donuts have
volunteered to put forth time and resources to conduct additional studies
with more data and to present the findings to ICANN in an expeditious
fashion greatly shortening the estimated time delay ICANN suggested which
was 3 to 6 months.  Throughout the day, there was definitely a feel of the
multi-stakeholder model at work – VeriSign, represented by Chuck Gomes,
seemed receptive to looking at the information in a different manner, ICANN
was open to working on a path forward that addresses all concerns and all
New gTLD applicants were extremely positive on creative ideas to move
forward in a responsible, safe and secure manner.

Some key points that were made:

-        Requests to proposed TLDs represent a very small portion of
requests reaching the root

-        Other than .corp and .home, no proposed TLD receives more than
.05% of requests at the root

-        The Interisle 10 “etiologies” of Name Collisions in their report
in fact pose no or little risk

-        All parties seemed to agree that the list of “uncalculated risk”
strings could and should be greatly reduced from 20% to something much

DotGreen was encouraged by this meeting and pleased that so many others
were in agreement that .GREEN did not seem to belong on the “20%
uncalculated risk” list as well as the fact that “avoiding delays” given
the no or little risk identified by the Name Collisions report was a theme
of the collective group.  *Holding back for delay 20% of new gTLDs could
seriously affect the programs benefits to the public and Internet users*

Along with numerous others, DotGreen proposes that:

-        ICANN inform the Certification Authority Forum *now* of all
newTLDs to be delegated to start the 120 day clock.

-        Allow all new gTLDs in the “low risk” and “uncalculated risk”
categories to proceed directly to contracting without delay due to the no
or low risks involved.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the Name Collision report
during this important Internet Community reply period.

Annalisa Roger, Founder/CEO

*Latest Videos from DotGreen* http://www.dotgreen.org/videos/

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Greenbrae, CA 94904
Office (415) 925-1012
Fax (415) 925-1063


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