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iCANN - Respect Our Privacy | Lots of problems with your idea

  • To: comments-ppsai-initial-05may15@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: iCANN - Respect Our Privacy | Lots of problems with your idea
  • From: Robust Apantic <me@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 18:49:08 +0100

Dear ICANN –

Regarding the proposed rules governing companies that provide WHOIS
privacy services (as set forth in the Privacy and Policy Services
Accreditation Issues Policy document):

I urge you to respect internet users' rights to privacy and due
process. I want to just empathise just how many people use the
internet. We aren't naive enough to believe that the internet is
filled with good people. Most of the people don't use WHOIS
information for valid reasons like contacting a domain holder. They
use it to get information on people, blackmail, harass or cause harm
to other people. It's an absolute joke what people use WHOIS
information for, and I'm almost annoyed that people have to pay for
WHOIS protection with services.

I personally use Namecheap, who kindly provide free WHOISGuard - but a
lot of people use registrars who charge for this functionality. I
think it's essential. With WHOIS records being a few clicks away, and
thousands of websites available to look up a domain's information, I
think it's really important to offer security to owners of businesses.

Larger, registered businesses show business information anyway. Why do
we need to show our home address and personal information to get
spammed, harassed and have people 'acting big' because they have our
information. You simply can't be naive enough to think this is at all
a step in the right direction.

My final point, I'm not sure how much problem you have with WHOIS
Inaccuracy right now, but you're going to have HUGE issues with WHOIS
Inaccuracy if this goes through. People will be faking their details
left right and centre. You might say you'll suspend them, but how many
domains are you going to suspend? Are you planning to ruin online
business or something?

You seriously need to reevaluate your decisions if you even consider
this to be an option. It's plain stupid, sorry for being rude but I
can't say anything better.


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