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So two guys walk into a privacy bar...

  • To: <comments-ppsai-initial-05may15@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: So two guys walk into a privacy bar...
  • From: "Victor D. Sandiego" <vds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 13:16:23 -0500

Dear ICANN Algorithmic Wastebasket Filer  -

Unfortunately, it's not that hard to believe that you have even CONSIDERED
such an absurd proposal. Most people know who you work for. Still, I hope
that you'll come to your senses and realize what a dangerous, bone-headed
idea it would be to remove the ability for domain  registrants to keep their
contact details private if they so desire.

I know it's fashionable these days to treat everybody like criminals without
any such proof and to give dying industry models their last few bones before
they expire of their own inability to adapt, but this goes too far.

The Hollywood interests that wrote this proposal and brought it to you
drooling must feel that pursuing actual legal remedies is just TOO MUCH
WORK. Well, too bad. They can work within the presumption-of-innocence
framework like everybody else.* After all, if they think someone is
infringing on their IP, there are recourses they can peruse. It's one thing
that they wallow in their arrogance (we don't need no stinking probable
cause), but now they're getting downright LAZY and want to put their
copyright bots to work sending automatic takedown and extortion letters.

This proposal is akin to using a sledgehammer to swat a couple of flies.
It's ineffective overkill and will put some people in actual PHYSICAL
DANGER. Don't do it. Do your real job and put the best interests of the
internet ahead of the entertainment industry. Don't worry, they'll survive -
and if they don't, well... the dinosaurs didn't rule the world forever
either.  And - extra bonus points - you'll be doing a good service to many
people who not only want privacy but NEED IT to protect them from stalkers,
crazy exes, and other assorted  loons.

Sincerely Yours,

Victor D. Sandiego 
Editor, Subprimal Poetry Art

* "everybody else" does not include the NSA, FBI, CIA, DOJ, LAPD, NYPD,
Interpol, GCHQ, Ferguson PD, etc.

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