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Why Corporate Entities Should be DENIED URS and evidence all previous UDRP desicions should be REVERSED

  • To: irt-final-report@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Why Corporate Entities Should be DENIED URS and evidence all previous UDRP desicions should be REVERSED
  • From: Net41 Media <net41@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2009 13:17:45 -0700

Has it *ever* crossed any one's mind that the domain industry might last a
bit longer than the companies who are fighting for their TMs? Just because
something is popular one moment, within 5 years it could be completely
disbanded. And now the domains they reverse-hijacked or payed to acquire
legally are not even relevant.

The entire lawsuit scheme is getting out of control in this industry, and
companies are even suing for generic two letter domains. Blackberry the
company owned by RIM (two very unique words) decided they owned the word *
BLACKBERRY*. *Because, well as everyone knows the fruit was soo 90's*.
They won hundreds of generic domains in the biggest domain
reverse-hijacking fraud I have ever seen. And
who can domainers trust to secure their assets? ICANN? The Arbitration
Forum? Lawyers, who go wherever loyalty is valued the most? We have no one,
we are the underdog, but we will continue to fight. We have a strength in
ways the corporate fear mongering community doesn't. We have individuals,
smarter, more creative, and better than they will ever be. They are just the
piss ants we have to overcome, not the other way around.

I am now truly scared that all my domains are just going to be gobbled up by
corporations who are just greedy entities that have no soul. Microsoft may
be big dawg, but I don't respect them -- they stole every idea they've ever
had. Yet they are able to take the moral high ground? Microsoft has already
taken over tons of Internet real estate using unresolved wild card domains
to display their "windows live" search. Which generates an income stream
from URLs that would otherwise go to a blank page. And again... They are
taking the moral high ground? It's ironic that the corporations are deciding
what is right and what is wrong, creating new law, in a republic like
fashion. Don't we live in a democracy? They know if there was a voting
system, the URS would be thrown out in the blink of an eye.

*Evidence of flawed UDRP decisions*: (This is just a fraction of the
injustice and shady business going on at the Arbitration Forum)

Rocky.com >transferred
LH.com >transferred
*LH.com >transferred (READ IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN)*
RedBullSucks.com >transferred (FREEDOM OF SPEECH DENIED)
hänchen.com <http://xn--hnchen-bua.com> >transferred (Chicken in German)
Worst UDRP Decisions Ever? Not quite:
SmoothMove.com >transferred (REALLY?)

These are words that have excisted for hundreds of years, yet due to pseudo
trademarking laws are able to be STOLEN away from legitimate business
people. Domains that could be valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars,
taken away from their rightful owners for a few grand. Corporations are
PHISHING for domains, and this type of misconduct has been going on behind
the scnenes for years. They figure instead of make an offer on a generic
domain, it is much easier to just use a lawyer to either scare of steal the
domain away. It is simply put, injustice, a term that comes to mind for a
number of UDRP decisions. A term that will grow signifigantly after the URS
system is put in to action.

There is really a grey area here, that we as domain investors are facing.
Some of us do not plan on developing our portfolios, but have invested large
amounts of money and hard work to obtain them. There are people that have a
strong opinion that if a domain is not developed it is fair game. It surely
seems like a step in the right direction, but shouldn't it be the owners
choice to make? Like when you see a nice open lot in a downtown area, given
this perspective someone should be able to just waltz up onto that property
and build a nice skyscraper. It's not like the land-owner was using it,

If ICANN is looking to change its ways and do good, do it! A URS program
designed to side with greedy corporations, who have no concept of the
Internet or where their boundaries end will only leave one side happy. The
Internet used to be the last place where true freedom excised. Now you can't
do anything without a literally invincible corporate legal team riding your
ass. It is just disgusting that money and greed is all we think about. But
we don't think about the few innocent people who have been robbed of what
could be their life's greatest investment. All taken away by a few pennies
thrown at the WIPO panel. You think they can't be bribed? We all know they
are just as corrupted as the lawyers who work for soon to be bankrupted
companies. Fighting to secure assets that wont even exist in 10 years. But *WHO
the revolution. Now they want a piece, and think it's not fair? IT'S NOT
Warm Regards,
The ENTIRE INTERNET except for Wal*Mart, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and
everything else that is evil in America

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