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RE: [pdp-pcceg-feb06] PDP Feb 06: Updated Administrative Matters

  • To: "'Liz Williams'" <liz.williams@xxxxxxxxx>, <pdp-pcceg-feb06@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [pdp-pcceg-feb06] PDP Feb 06: Updated Administrative Matters
  • From: "Marilyn Cade" <marilynscade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 12:14:31 -0500

Thanks, Liz.


Time for meeting: 

We need to address the time issue before Wellington. Why can't the Council
start a little later? That was, I believe, the request for Glen to explore? 

Secretariat: There is no change to what we gave you before as the BC


The BC representation now, and after Wellington will be 

Marilyn Cade

Philip Sheppard

Mike Roberts

Alistair will be an observer, as a Councilor. 


All Councilors are also able to be observers, as I understood. Do the
Councilors have to "opt in" to be on the observer category and receive the
emails of the TF, etc.? 


In keeping with the goals of as much transparency as possible, all those
subscribed to any list should be published, and kept updated, when someone
is added. 


Glen, can you post the full list of those on the list, as of now, please?
And note whether "official" or observer? Please include all staff
subscribed, and any board members.  That will allow councilors to note if
they are not subscribed. 


Finally,  I do not believe that liaisons are automatically "on a TF",
particularly as I have understood the operation of TFs in the past. Each
liaison should be invited, through the Council, not staff, to inform the
TF/Council of their participation in any TF that the Council creates. As an
example, while we traditionally have ALAC liaisons on TFS, we have not
traditionally had GAC liaisons on TFs in the past. I think this might have
been an effort of good will, but not the "right" approach by staff in
addressing this particular topic.  


Let's instead invite the liaisons to advise the Council /and then the TF, of
whether they will provide liaison representatives to the TF. 

As we address, separately, the reform of the PDP, we can consult with both
the ALAC And the GAC, and the SSAC, regarding how best to address
interactions with Advisory Groups - noting that there will not be a "one
size fits all". :-) 






Thanks, Marilyn 

From: owner-pdp-pcceg-feb06@xxxxxxxxx
[mailto:owner-pdp-pcceg-feb06@xxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Liz Williams
Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2006 10:10 AM
To: pdp-pcceg-feb06@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [pdp-pcceg-feb06] PDP Feb 06: Updated Administrative Matters


Dear Colleagues


This note answers a couple of questions which people have posed. 


1. Length of meeting. We are particularly constrained by both the current
broader schedule of ICANN meetings and the necessity for remote participants
to be able to dial in at reasonable times. Can I suggest we conduct the
initial meeting between 0800 and 0900? We will have a little margin for
running over time taking us to 0930 which is the time the GNSO Council
meeting proper is due to start. 


2. Timing and work plan. The timings I sent around in the first note were
italicised to indicate that they are both in draft and need to be agreed at
the first meeting. The only agreed dates are the public comment period and
constituency statements due on 30 April which was voted upon at the last
Council call. 


3. Charter. I would expect that the TF Charter will be agreed at the first
meeting even though the current TF guidelines propose a different schedule.
It is too difficult, practically, to do that before the Wellington meeting
although I would expect that the Terms of Reference as currently drafted
would be agreed as the Charter in tandem with the TF guidelines.


4. Chair. Yes. Chair will be appointed by an election. TF chair does not
have to be a member of the Council.


5. TF members 1. All Councillors are members of the TF. It was an omission
to leave Sophia off the list. Already rectified.


6. TF members 2. Alistair Dixon is already an observer. Please notify the
Secretariat when that changes and what the new BC representation will be
after the Wellington meeting.


7. A new template, to reflect Ross' suggestions and improvements, will be
distributed at the meeting.


Kind regards.






Liz Williams

Senior Policy Counselor

ICANN - Brussels

+32 2 234 7874 tel

+32 2 234 7848 fax

+32 497 07 4243 mob




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