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.Travel Domains & New.net

  • To: <stld-rfp-travel@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: .Travel Domains & New.net
  • From: "Sterlin" <sterlin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 08:40:27 -0500

It sickens me to think someone else may end up running the Dot Travel registry after the 3 years New.Net has put in to proving that they have the ability to run a respectable registry.
You (ICANN) have set up rules and regulations on how domains should be introduced. The number one criteria is that the registry prove themselves as stated here:
"A Sponsor is an organization to which is delegated some defined ongoing policy-formulation authority regarding the manner in which a particular sponsored TLD is operated. The sponsored TLD has a Charter, which defines the purpose for which the sponsored TLD has been created and will be operated. The Sponsor is responsible for developing policies on the delegated topics so that the TLD is operated for the benefit of a defined group of stakeholders, known as the Sponsored TLD Community, that are most directly interested in the operation of the TLD. The Sponsor also is responsible for selecting the registry operator and to varying degrees for establishing the roles played by registrars and their relationship with the registry operator. The Sponsor must exercise its delegated authority according to fairness standards and in a manner that is representative of the Sponsored TLD Community."
Out of all the people who have submitted applications this year and ones who haven't, New.Net stands above them all. They have went above and beyond to meet this criteria.
It's like electing an official to office that has had no experience in politics. Then later on complaining about the job they are doing. I would much rather put someone in office that has experience.
Same anology here. I think politics should be put aside and common sense needs to be allowed in. New.net has established a large customer base. New.net has proved the market value for .travel domains with thousands of registrations. They have proved their ability to run a registry.
I believe if dot Travel is accepted into the root, the .travel domains that have already been registered at new.net be grandfathered in. Or better yet, I think the application process needs to revamped and opened back up before a final decision is made on .travel.
If Tralliance is awarded the .travel, we all will know that politics has over run the process and should be investigated. There is no reason to introduce collisions into namespace for a second time in as many years.
Sterling Davenport
Investor / Webmaster

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