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Yes To The Tralliance! No To New.Net!

  • To: stld-rfp-travel@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Yes To The Tralliance! No To New.Net!
  • From: "P. Davenport" <llcom@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 01:55:26 +0000

It reassures me to think someone else may end up running the Dot Travel registry after the 3 years of New.Net's illegal sub-domain scams making people think that they will be accepted by ICANN.  In addition luring people in with the hope of making money with their QUICK search engine then removing everyone from it and acting like you can still be in it.  New.net is a greedy and fraud ridden company who can't be trusted with running the registry for the legitimate internet.  Tralliance should be awarded the .travel domain extension.  New.net is only interested in making money for themselves and keeping their name space private for their own greedy ends.  They really don't want to be the public registrar.  All they want is for you not to make it official and let them keep up their scam operation as is.   Have they ever even submitted an application to ICANN?  I have been scammed by them out of thousands of dollars due to their greed, and would like to register .travel names with a legitimate registrar so everyone on the internet can see my name instead of myname.new.net.  The only people who see new.net .travel are those who have a plug-in placed on their computer or whose ISP has been bribed by new.net.  I encourage you to outlaw new.net and other companies that create a fake private internet scamming people out of money.  Put them out of business by awarding .travel and all other illegally used extensions to legitimate organizations that work within the ICANN system.
P. Davenport
Defrauded Investor / Webmaster

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