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To Those Crying Foul About Losing Their Unofficial New.Net .travel Names!

  • To: stld-rfp-travel@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: To Those Crying Foul About Losing Their Unofficial New.Net .travel Names!
  • From: "lsl04@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <lsl04@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 12:49:42 -0700 (PDT)

ICANN is the official authority of the internet.  New.net had no business making up domain names outside that authority leading people to think that their names would be ICANN approved someday.  ICANN should not grandfather any names.  Why should new.net get preferencial treatment just because of how much money they spent.   If you grandfather for one then to be fair you must include all fake namespaces.  Their are hundreds are huxters out there selling the same domain extensions in conflict with each other already.  To illustrate how loony this is:  Wonder if some people just decided to form a state called New Net implying that it would be made apart of the United States someday.  Then the USA, the real authority to decide these things, made another New Net a real state.  To bad for the fake New Net and its citizens who will not be US citizens.  The USA and no one else should have! to cave into demands from entities that have no authority over them.  You can't just go around making up states and imply it will be apart of the USA.  You can't just make up domain extensions and imply it will be ICANN approved.   All those saying that they will not give their name up without a fight well thats the dumb risk you take dealing with a private company who has no authority to do these things.  Its called fraud.  Might I suggest you contact the Federal Trade Commission and your states attorney general.  If you have real business in the travel industry then re-register a .travel when if becomes official with ICANN.  If you have a real business your loss is really nothing but the time you had left on your new.net name which cost you $35-$25 and only showed up in new.nets private fake internet anyway.   I am sure you will be able to afford whatever the new registration fee is.  If new.net wants to keep its fa! ke alternate web going then might I suggest they list their fake names in the Quick search engine again like they used to before they got greedy.  Because without that those sub-domains and fake domains are 100% useless!   ICANN don't cave in to greedy corporations and their misguided customers.
Lenny Lambile

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