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RE: [ifwp] Re: FW: Letter from NTIA re ICANN

Martin Schwimmer wrote:
> Re: NTIA paragraph on Board Members:
> "The White Paper indicates that the United States is prepared to enter
> into an agreement with an organization that reflects the geographic and
> functional diversity of the Internet community. A number of commenters
> expressed concern about the proposed interim board of directors and called
> for the
> establishment of mechanisms to ensure equitable representation of the
> Internet
> community, including developing regions, based on a transparent and
> democratic
> election process.  We are interested in hearing how ICANN intends to
> address
> these concerns as additional interim board members are selected and as the
> process for electing the permanent board is adopted."
> Does this imply that NTIA is acquiescing in the existing list of the nine
> named Interim Board members?  
> Also, the email implies that NTIA doesn't disagree with the manner in
> which
> IANA selected the Board members - just the results.  Is that a fair
> comment?
First of all, this is not just a letter from NTIA to ICANN, it an official
NTIA press release (see

NTIA, IMHO is much more concerned on how these issues are addressed for the
"permanent" board, than in who "happen" to be the individuals on the
"interim" Board.

I disagreed several times in the past with USG, but this one seems to be a
wise position.
On one hand, "start with what you have so far" (BTW, I don't know if one
could have done better given the time constraints - we are already 21 days
into extra innings), but on the other hand "define the process for the

I believe this is a clear message, and if you read the comments at
you may note that many say the same thing: some concern on some points, but
go on, we'll fix it.


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