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Re: [ifwp] Re: Time for accommodation

Mark and all,

Mark Measday wrote:

> naive comment from a reader:
> Why not ask those who wish to become members, to do so, and vote the board? I
> understand this is so self-evident as to be contradictory, but many would like
> to know why. NSI stakeholders can vote, IBM employees can vote, citizens can
> vote, internet aficionados can vote.

  Good point, and our sentiments exactly!  Our proposal provides for this on an
basis as you seem to indicate here.
See: http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/domainname/proposals/ineginc/ineginc.htm
for more information.

  You should make your feelings known to Becky Burr and the NTIA officially.

> Tamar Frankel wrote:
> > Comment on the feasibility of establishing membership. It is very feasible
> > to establish the same board as members and have them elect themselves.
> > Thereafter, they will establish a true membership. If they cannot do so,
> > they will be the only members and responsible to themselves (and God, I
> > presume). This is the worst scenario. This is the scenario now. By the way,
> > incorporators of most newly incorporated corporations (could be the lawyers)
> > take shares or become members and elect themselves to a board. Thereafter
> > they resign.
> >
> > Tamar
> Mark Measday
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