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Re: [ifwp] Re: Barcelona Summary

Peter and all,

Peter Deutsch wrote:

> [ You wrote: ]
> > Ummmmm, Richard.  Is that the best way to get your point across on a
> > public list?
> I'd go further and suggest it's not *ever* the best way to
> get your point across if you are supporting an open
> process. Such comments clearly have a chilling effect on
> discussion and thus I politely suggest that it's time to
> holster your guns and sit back down at the table. There's
> still a little work left to do.

  A little work?  I feel that is an understatement.  However the comment
and/orstatement to use JUST membership dues as the ONLY funding mechanism for
the ICANN or the "DNSO" or other SO's is both short sighted and predominantly
unfair to the Stakeholder/user community in general.  As has been outlined several

times on this list there are many other methods for providing for initial and long

term funding that does not put all of the cost directly on the Membership in the
form of dues.  (Please see archives of this list for several of our suggestions).

> Now, I don't pretend to know what evoked such an emotional
> response, so could you please (politely) provide a little
> historical perspective on why membership fees should not
> be used to fund executive committee expenses.

  I can't speak for Richard, however as was presented in our proposal andalso
stated in comments to this very list by myself and some others Membership
Fees can be ONE method of providing for funding executive committee expenses,
but certainly not the ONLY or predominant one.

> I'm starting with the presumption that legitimate excomm
> expenses should be paid (and accept the possibility that
> you don't support that statement). If you don't, please
> indicated why. If you do, please indicate your proposed
> funding mechanism.

  Again I do not speak for Richard, however we have already provided for
several alternatives that are a part of the Archives of this list.  In addition
we have already set up a non revocable perpetual Trust to assist in funding
efforts for the Icann and any of the excepted SO's that may become part of the

>                                 - peterd
> .  .  .
> > "Richard J. Sexton" wrote:
> > >
> > > At 11:36 AM 10/21/98 -0400, Jay Fenello wrote:
> > > >The main consensus item we reached here was that membership fees
> > > >would fund the DNSO ExComm expenses.
> > >
> > > Get stuffed.
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