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IANA Web Site -- Where is the history?

In updating the IANA website to track on-going developments with ICANN,
you seem to have lost information about the past and present IANA.  The
"about IANA" is all about the future IANA, not about today's IANA.  I
hope that you won't permanently lose this history!

I have a specific question (for a research paper on the White Paper
process):  ISI performs IANA functions under contract of what
government agency?  It is not NSF, right?  It is DoD.  But which agency
in particular?  I could use some historical background on the evolution
of IANA to its form of 1998.


Hans Klein
Asst. Prof. of Public Policy
Georgia Tech

  Hans K. Klein
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  School of Public Policy, MC:0345  Fax:   404-894-0535
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