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Urgent Status Request:ISI/IANA "assets"

October 22, 1998

TO: IANA (Dr. Jon Postel (deceased), Mr. Joe Sims, Attorney, ICANN, & Mr.
Schorr, University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute)

CC: U.S. Dept of Justice, Antitrust Division, New Cases;
Honorable Mr. Pickering, Subcommittee on Basic Research; Hon. Mr. Bliley,
House Commerce Committee;  Hon. Mr. Daley, National Telecommunications and
Information Administration

FROM: Stephen J. Page, Individual Respondee to DNSpolicy@NTIA.DOC.GOV;
Participant, Open Root Server Consortium (ORSC), Independent Researcher,
Network Systems, Pleasanton, California, US, representing Internet
.a(sm)-.z(sm) Name Registry, T: 925-454-8624 email: usdh@ccnet.com, and
Developer, the i(r).com(sm) network access, connectivity and content service
to the global community of i(r)ndividuals, email: ichannel@home.com

RE: Request for status of USC's ISI/IANA of the ongoing discussion regarding
my Intent-to-Activate notifications to IANA (Dr. Postel), Dr. Postel's request
for "proof" of my rights in commerce, and an accounting of "Assets which are
USC's ISI's assets" and the "Assets to be transferred to ICANN", so that
claims of anti-competitive behavior can be averted.

Dear Mr. Schorr, Mr. Sims, and Whomever It May Concern,

Recent release:

Net Authority Passes to ICANN
> Magaziner said that his office has been in touch with
> ICANN's critics and he believes that the outstanding
> issues can be resolved within a week.
> "It's my sense that most of the groups are willing to get
> together and discuss their differences," said Magaziner,
> "But this is, after all, the Internet and you will never get
> everybody on the Internet to agree."

        Mr. Magaziner's office has not been in touch with me, and I have sent
him many copies of material outlining the specifics regarding my numerous
requests of IANA, IANA's lack of communication, and the  monopolization of all
but a few single-character secondary level and top level domains, is having on
my ability to do business in the State of California.
        In my analysis, without the IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE of the University of
Southern California's Information Sciences Institute regarding its formal
policies of RESERVING all single-character SLDs (with the exception of z.com
and i.net), U.S. DOJ working in conjunction with the Office of the State
Attorney General of California will be formally investigating.  
		Because of the timeliness of ISI's interest in transferring IANA "assets" to
ICANN, I would like to understand exactly what ISI/IANA assets are, especially
those that pertain to my specific situation.  
	I would like to have this information, and this situation resolved prior to
ISI/IANA's transfer of assets. This specifically relates to a formal telephone
request which I made to Zita Wenzel during the brief "comments" period prior
to Dr. Postel's death.  I have sent a copy of my notes to Congressional
Subcommittee on Basic Research, to the House Commerce Committee, and the
Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.  Below is my request:

1) USC's Information Sciences Institute formally recognizes through an
Agreement to Recognize Commercialization Rights that I, as a citizen of the
United States and a resident of the State of California, as the
Incorporator of Internet .a(sm)-.z(sm) Name Registry,a California
Corporation, have established under law which allow me to commercialize my
intellectual property in a manner which can allow me to do business, create
jobs, generate taxes, and pursue the goal of serving others through this
company, by specifically

        a. Assigning the RESERVED rights to the single character secondary
level domain names: a.com, b.com, c.com, d.com, e.com, f.com, g.com, h.com,
i.com, j.com, l.com, m.com, n.com, o.com, p.com, q.com, r.com, s.com, t.com,
u.com, v.com, w.com, x.com, y.com, (z.com has been registered by another
party, which violates any presumption of 'special' status which might have
been attributed to the single-characters by IANA or Dr. Postel, prior to his
death), to myself, the owner of the Intent-to-Use service marks, which are a
waste of money without the rights recognized by IANA (past), ISI (present, as
in today and this week) and ICANN, which is based upon Mr. Magaziner's
statements, will be completed this week.  As I have sent in #6, a sample of
"dot.A Index" was provided which would be useful in the short term.

        b. Assigning the PRESENT FUTURE rights to the single character top
level domain names: .a(sm), .b(sm), .c(sm), .d(sm), .e(sm), .f(sm), .g(sm),
.h(sm), .i(sm), .j(sm), .l(sm), .m(sm), .n(sm), .o(sm), .p(sm), .q(sm),
.r(sm), .s(sm), .t(sm), .u(sm), .v(sm), .w(sm), .x(sm), .y(sm), .z(sm) to
myself, the owner of the Intent-to-Use service marks, which are a waste of
money without the rights recognized by IANA (past), ISI (present, as in today
and this week) and ICANN, which is based upon Mr. Magaziner's statements, will
be completed this week. 

2) Network Solutions, Inc, which had formed a joint-working relationship with
IANA, which it had done on many occasions with Dr. Postel, who had worked as a
contractor to NSI, should be included in the such an Agreement and provide
immediate registration capability.

3) Legacy Root Servers, controlled by NSI should be allowed to recognize the
single-character Top Level Domains .a(sm), .b(sm), .c(sm), .d(sm), .e(sm),
.f(sm), .g(sm), .h(sm), .i(sm), .j(sm), .l(sm), .m(sm), .n(sm), .o(sm),
.p(sm), .q(sm), .r(sm), .s(sm), .t(sm), .u(sm), .v(sm), .w(sm), .x(sm),
.y(sm), .z(sm) immediately.  There will be no instability at the network level
because the number of secondary level domains which are associated with the
single-digit characters represent a fixed structure for each language,
English, Spanish, German, and will not be subject to exponential growth and
increases over time.  The single-character unity represented by .a(sm)-.z(sm)
represents a form of fixed "Alphabetical Index", which is related to the
structure of how the human brain organizes language, so it is immediately
familiar to anyone using the Internet. (Because it has never been done,
because it is innovative, because it does not fit inside of the IANA vision of
commercial value, it has been BLOCKED from existing, by carefully tailoring
Network Solutions Inc. policies to aid in the blocking.  

        Without someone recognizing what is happening, I feel helpless to stop
the transition process from institutionalizing itself and trampling the rights
which I have so painstakingly tried to secure, under law, each time in the
face of a stonewall.
        I would appreciate your immediate attention to this very important matter.


Stephen J. Page
T: 925-454-8624


Stephen Page is a network systems researcher, former Regular Army Officer,
U.S. Army, a recognized business network architecture designer as a project
manager for a DARPA funded Network Architecture grant in 1994, and practicing
optometrist. He is 41 years old, resides and practices Northern California, a
graduate of University of Santa Clara (bachelor), University of California
Berkeley, (doctorate) and Boston University (masters degree in Business
Administration). He is a participant in the IFWP as a Virtual Attendee
submitting comments via
email, as well as a participant with the Open Root Server Consortium (ORSC),
representing Internet .a(sm)-.z(sm) Name Registry, a California Corporation.
He is also the developer of the i(r).com(sm) network access, connectivity and
content service to the global community of individuals, email:
ichannel@home.com, T/F: 925-484-0448.

(c) Copyright, 1998.  Stephen J. Page.  All Rights Reserved.

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