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Re: Copy of comments...

You wrote:

>The Ronda Hauben Proposal:

>I have given some study to the proposal submitted by Ronda Hauben,
>although I admit that not to the level of attention I have devoted
>to the others. This is because it became clear, upon first reading,
>that this document is a significant departure from the approach
>taken by the others, calling for additional study and work before a
>final draft could even be contemplated.

>I believe that the White Paper process has already consumed far too
>many resources to be reset in the way proposed and would encourage
>its author to join into the final consensus-building process needed
>to merge the IANA, BWG and ORSC drafts. Any other course of action
>is, in my opinion, unacceptable given the history and potential for
>future conflict that such an approach would likely engender.

Would you please explain and give examples of what types of conflict
would arise from the Hauben proposal?

I have been discussing several of the Hauben proposals with Ms. Hauben
and several other interested parties on the netizens@columbia.edu
mailing list, and several usenet newsgroups that focus on DNS-related
issues, such as comp.protocols.tcp-ip.domains, net.internet.dns.policy,
and alt.culture.internet.  I have made several comments in those
forums on Ms. Hauben's proposal, and pointed Ms. Hauben and others to
additional sources of information (both technical and historical) on
Internet development.


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