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RE: Suggestions for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers


I believe it is time to re-address the issue of TLD's without the prejudice
of what was determined a while back.  Much has changed, including the
capabilities of the root server systems.  The impact of thousands of TLD's
now is probably a fraction of what it would have been in the past.  Even if
it is determined that, for the forseeable future, an arbitrary limit of
hundreds of new TLDs is appropriate, the structure should be set NOW for
thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of TLDs.

It is understood that we are already into unknown territory, let's not be
afraid of pushing the envelope where appropriate.

Gene Marsh
Diebold Incorporated

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Subject: Re: Suggestions for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
and Numbers

I hate to respond to such a large addressee list but it is necessary
to comment on two of Mr Friedman's points:

Joseph Friedman wrote:
> 1) The name of the organization
> The name of the organization, currently the Internet Corporation for
> Names and Numbers (ICANN), should be renamed to the Internet Assigned
> Authority (IANA).  

This is impossible. IANA is a technical function executed for the IETF, 
currently by ISI, which the IETF (acting through the IAB) will 
re-delegate by the end of the year. The name is not available for ICANN 
as a corporation.

> 8) Adding gTLDs
> Add as many new gTLDs as possible.  

The technical opinion that the IAB reached a long while back is that
adding hundreds of TLDs is technically safe, but that adding
thousands would take us into unknown territory in terms of
operational scale, and should be avoided in the foreseeable future.


   Brian Carpenter
   Chair, Internet Architecture Board

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