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Re: Suggestions for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names a nd Numbers

I'm not talking about TLD policy. I'm talking about technical
matters that haven't changed significantly for a number of years.


Marsh, Miles (Gene) wrote:
> Brian,
> I believe it is time to re-address the issue of TLD's without the prejudice
> of what was determined a while back.  Much has changed, including the
> capabilities of the root server systems.  The impact of thousands of TLD's
> now is probably a fraction of what it would have been in the past.  Even if
> it is determined that, for the forseeable future, an arbitrary limit of
> hundreds of new TLDs is appropriate, the structure should be set NOW for
> thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of TLDs.
> It is understood that we are already into unknown territory, let's not be
> afraid of pushing the envelope where appropriate.
> Gene Marsh
> Diebold Incorporated
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> Subject: Re: Suggestions for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
> and Numbers
> I hate to respond to such a large addressee list but it is necessary
> to comment on two of Mr Friedman's points:
> Joseph Friedman wrote:
> >
> ...
> > 1) The name of the organization
> >
> > The name of the organization, currently the Internet Corporation for
> Assigned
> > Names and Numbers (ICANN), should be renamed to the Internet Assigned
> Number
> > Authority (IANA).
> This is impossible. IANA is a technical function executed for the IETF,
> currently by ISI, which the IETF (acting through the IAB) will
> re-delegate by the end of the year. The name is not available for ICANN
> as a corporation.
> ...
> > 8) Adding gTLDs
> >
> > Add as many new gTLDs as possible.
> The technical opinion that the IAB reached a long while back is that
> adding hundreds of TLDs is technically safe, but that adding
> thousands would take us into unknown territory in terms of
> operational scale, and should be avoided in the foreseeable future.
> Regards
>    Brian Carpenter
>    Chair, Internet Architecture Board

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