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ICANN and New "Global" Internet Registry (Please read and contact me)

Dear IANA, ICANN, Esther Dyson, Regional Registries, Secretary Daley, 
and the Internet Community:

I submitted many comments to IANA, but never received any reply. I once 
again would want to propose for a global registry to be established. 
This will end the three present regional registries monopoly over 
Internet Numbers in their designated region.

I extend my support to susancho@tm.net.my and gifttrek@fz.ml.org, who is 
interested in establishing a new regional registry and or a global 
Internet Registry.

Please contact susancho@tm.net.my and gifttrek@fz.ml.org for their 
reasons, etc. I appreciate, if you do so.

I do wish the contacts I specified twice in this e-mail will contact me, 
as they have never did.

Thank You.

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