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RE: "Global" Internet Registry for Internet Numbers

I have submitted the proposal for a "Global" Internet Registry, and I
believe additional criteria may apply. I have gathered few individuals and
an organization to support my proposal of a "Global" Internet Registry.
Since my proposal for a regional registry, I have been receiving e-mails
from two Internet Users. The senders discussed
the present regional registries monopoly over Internet Numbers.
"the present regional registries are having monopoly over Internet

In my opinion, the present regional registries aren't having monopoly over
Internet numbers, because there isn't an alternative source for the Internet
Community to obtain the necessary resources.

The organizers of the "Global" Internet Registry, could include
"representatives of regional Internet number registries, Internet engineers
and computer scientists, domain name registries, domain name registrars,
commercial and non-commercial users, Internet service providers,
international trademark holders and Internet experts highly respected
throughout the international Internet community." An Interim board shall be
appointed to take on the management of the transition process, etc.

The present regional registries are over working, and I feel an alternative
source for obtaining Internet resources is a good idea. Besides, i12's plans
were to refer a specific request for Internet resources to the regional

Based on the correspondence with the IANA, the authority doesn't handle IP
address registration matters. "the address space were allocated to various
other registries to manage for particular purposes or regional areas of the

The "Global" Internet registry will be a non-profit, public benefit and
charitable organization. It will not be organized for the private gain of
any person, but organized and operated exclusively for educational and
scientific purposes. Operating for the benefit of the Internet Community as
a whole is a condition.

The date of operation has been rescheduled to 31st May 1999, if possible.
Co-operation from all members of "i12" are required, such as prompt reply to
e-mails, correspondence with domain name registrars, domain name registries
& ISPs, adherence to global policies regarding address space conservation,
aggregation & registration, etc.

You are always welcome to join "i12".

Thank You.



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