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63 character with one letter parameter

  • To: <5gtld-guide@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: 63 character with one letter parameter
  • From: "Mitchell Moore" <mitchellmoore888@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 22:38:47 -0500

To Whom It May Concern,
   I wish to call to your attention a potential problem with the issue of 
generic Top Level Domains under the 63 character with only one letter 
parameter. I have written a report about the impact of the installation of the 
GPS application into hand held computing devices on the search engine marketing 
and optimization industries. One section of The Report is  K Time. The 
fundamental conclusion of K Time is that efficient use of the keypad, screen 
and keyboard is physiological in nature; people will use what is fastest and 
easiest, and that institutions must prepare for future demographic patterns of 
K Time efficient device usage.
  The potential problem is that under proposed guidelines any entity seeking a 
new gTLD at or near the top of any alphabetically organized list of gTLDs will 
be forced to acquire a gTLD with extreme K Time inefficiency. For instance, 
under proposed guidelines the first gTLD on the list would be;
.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000A  ( 62 zeros A )
followed by 62 zeros B, 62 zeros c, etc........
  In terms of K Time efficiency, this would be an absolute disaster with a 
colossal amount of opportunity for error and waste.

  It is therefore my recommendation that ICANN stipulate that the required 
letter character be placed in early position in the gTLD string. First position 
would be the most K Time efficient. If ICANN required the first character of 
the gTLD to be a letter, the list would start with;
                       .A0 ( dot a zero ) then .A00 ( dot a zero zero ) then 
.A000 ( dot a zero zero zero ) etc.....
if the letter could be placed in first or second position, the list would start 
                       .0A  .0A0  .0A00   .0A000   etc........
  Allowing the letter in ensuing positions invites rapidly degrading levels of 
K Time inefficiency;
                       .00A  .00A0  .00A00   .00A000 etc....     .000A    
.000A0    .000A00    .000A000.

  The reason I consider this matter so important is my belief that businesses 
will seek the top of the gTLD list in much the same way they have sought the 
top of the list of business headings in the phone book; using numbers and As. I 
myself have notified Afilias LLC of my intention to make application for the 
top gTLD on the list. I am waiting for the final ICANN guidelines to determine 
what that top gTLD will be.

  It is my hope that ICANN will stipulate that the first character in the gTLD 
string must be a letter. Sould this prove to be the case, I will file a formal 
expression of interest and proper application for the .A0 ( dot a zero ) gTLD. 
I intend to use the .A0 gTLD as a worldwide geographically organized internet 
domain directory composed of single page basic contact information websites 
separated into personal, government and business sections in the same format 
used by the now obsolete printed phone book. I think it would be appropriate 
for the gTLD at the top of any alphabetically organized lists of gTLDs to be an 
index of domain names. I would allow any individual, organization, government, 
agency, institution or business to link to their proprietary .A0 directory 
index listing and redirect traffic to their main website or whatever 
destination url they wish.

  Ladies and gentlemen, the internet needs a simple, static, coherently 
organized table of contents that does not depend on the best optimization 
program or the highest cost per click or the number of links to the most 
currently popular social site. The first or top gTLD should be the directory of 
domain names. This is not rocket science. It is common sense.
  When the rules are complete and the time comes to award the gTLD that will be 
first alphabetically, I hope you will remember who it was that called the 
problem of 62 zeros and an A to your attention. I am the author of The Report. 
I am the author of K Time. At the present time, I am the only person capable of 
foreseeing trouble of this nature.

  Please confirm receipt of this correspondence.
  Please keep me abreast of any developments on this subject.
  Thank you for your attention.
  Thank you in advance for your efforts in my behalf.     Sincerely,  Mitchell 

Mitchell Moore
386 233 0000      mitchellmoore888@xxxxxxxxx 
PO Box 1721
Ormond Beach, FL  USA   32175-1721

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