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Discussion Draft: Affirmation Reviews

  • To: "affrev-draft-processes@xxxxxxxxx" <affrev-draft-processes@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Discussion Draft: Affirmation Reviews
  • From: Nils Johannessen <naj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 20:03:06 +0100

Steve DelBianco raises a number of important issues about the Affirmation of 
Commitments, especially on how ICANN should meet public interests.

It is very important that also organizations and companies, normally not being 
active contributors to ICANN and other organizations, is heard, and considered 
representing "public interest". For instance, in the process to develop new 
policies for gTLDs, a much wider representation for the "public" should be 
encouraged to present their views, and also to be included in the decision 

To ensure that the goal of achieving Availability and Integrity for the DNS, 
there is a need that all ISP and others delivering services to the Internet, 
adopt the name standards, and all other standards involved. It will be a lot 
easier to get them to do that, if they have had influence on how the standards 
are made.

I've been in the IT and Telecom industry in Norway for more than 30 years and 
seen that the need for internationalization of standards are crucial to  
achieve availability and integrity. Proper design and implementation of DNS is 
one of my top issues in advisory for customers.


Nils A. Johannessen
Solution Architect
Rubik Solutions AS

phone: +47 92026777
email: naj (at) rubiksolutions.com


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