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CNNIC comments on Name Collision

  • To: <comments-name-collision-26feb14@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: CNNIC comments on Name Collision
  • From: "Ding Yi" <dingyi@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 15:08:55 +0800

CNNIC appreciate for the new name collision mitigation report by JAS Global
Advisors, especially support the Recommendations 6 and 7 which registry
should set controlled interruption zone or A& SRV resource record on Blocked


RECOMMENDATION 6: ICANN require new TLD registries to publish the controlled
interruption zone immediately upon delegation in the root zone. After the
120 day period, there shall be no further collision related restrictions on
the registry.


RECOMMENDATION 7: ICANN require registries that have elected the
"alternative path to delegation," rather than a wildcard, instead publish
appropriate A and SRV resource records for the labels in the ICANN 2LD Block
List to the TLD's zone with the address for a period of 120
days. After the 120 day period, there shall be no further collision related
restrictions on the registry.


As previous name collision mitigation framework proposed, the registry which
chose the “alternative path ” have to block some potential-collision
domain from being actived. However, as the new recommendation 7 proposed,
rather than blocking those potential-collision domains, instead
“alternative path ” registries can just set A& SRV resource records to
them for a 120 day period. The new recommendation is more generous for
registries to deal with the blocked 2LD list. With over 10,000 labels
required to be blocked, CNNIC is so appreciate for the new policy
recommendation which can relieving the restriction on blocked domain

Additionally, we have a problem about the controlled interruption choice.
Could we choose to set wildcard on our TLD which is already delegated but
haven’t offer registration? As the recommendation 7 mentioned, we should
publish appropriate A and SRV resource records instead of setting wildcard,
but we would like to choose the wildcard ways, and then open registration
after 120 day after wild card setting. Could this choice be available for
the “alternative path to delegation” registry? 

At last, we have read the comment from ARI Registry, which supposed to
reduce the 120 day period in recommendation 6 and 7 to 38 days, we consider
the reason described in their comment extremely rational, and we totally
support the 38- days controlled interruption suggestion.




Yi( Daisy) Ding

Business Development Center


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China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)

Tel: (8610)-58813127

Fax: (8610)-58812666

MSN: dingyi2348@xxxxxxxxxxx

Website:  <http://www.cnnic.cn/> www.cnnic.cn 


Add: 4th Zhongguancun Nansijie, Haidian District, Beijing 100190, China

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