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Opposed to petition

  • To: cyber-safety-petition@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Opposed to petition
  • From: Michelle Knight <michelle@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 22:54:50 +0000

Further notes to my previous mail...

Moving pornography over to port 81 won't work.  In the UK, we banned handguns. 
The responsible people got rid of them, but the criminals still have them.

Even assuming that it wasn't a technical nightmare, you would still be reliant 
on the honest people who would switch to port 81 but all the irresponsible 
people would still peddle porn on port 80.

What sanctions are you going to use. Pull their domain name? What's in a name 
... they'll just use straight IP addresses. THEN how are you going to stop 
them? Long story short, you can't.

The majority of the support mails I have read are mindless mails requesting 
something which is not technically possible, for the afforementioned reason.  
The others don't seem to be straddling the line of not being censorship 
minded, but what they are asking for is a clean net; ie. censorship.

I'll be honest; in my searches I very rarely find adverts for pornographic 
material. I still can't work out what all the fuss is about and how people say 
they are being deluged with inappropriate material. The whole thing just 
sounds like a censorship exercise to me.

Michelle Knight

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