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Re: [ga] Current Drafted Motion - Another Sort of Speculation?

  • To: domain-tasting-motion@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Re: [ga] Current Drafted Motion - Another Sort of Speculation?
  • From: "Karen Thompson" <kathompsonsf@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 17:43:35 -0700

There seems to be confusion here between domain tasting and domain
kiting. They are not synonymous. As Chris McElroy says in his post,
tasting is not bad, kiting is. Perhaps it makes more sense to prohibit
the re-registration of a domain name by the same registrar when it is
dropped for say 30 days? Here is the excerpt from the ICANN Issues
Report on Domain Tasting dated 14 June 2007:

3.6 Domain Kiting
Issues Report on Domain Tasting Doc. No.:
14 June, 2007
Issues Report on Domain Tasting
Authors: Maria Farrell, maria.farrell@xxxxxxxxx, Karen Lentz,
Karen.lentz@xxxxxxxxx, Patrick Jones, Patrick.jones@xxxxxxxxx
Page 23 of 39
Registrants may also use the AGP for continual registration, deletion,
and reregistration
of the same names in order to avoid paying the registration fees.
This practice is sometimes referred to as "domain kiting." This term has been
mistakenly used as being synonymous with domain tasting, but it refers to
multiple and often consecutive tasting of the same domain name. ICANN staff
has received anecdotal reports that this type of activity is occurring, but does
not currently have data to demonstrate definitively that domain kiting occurs
or to what extent.
The anecdotal reports received by the ICANN staff would indicate that:
1. Very few registrants engage in kiting;
2. Those registrars who facilitate kiting are discovered and warned by
the registry to cease the behaviour;
3. Kiting practices cannot enable a registrant to "keep" a single domain
name. Any name is available to be taken in the drop pool by another
registrant. The activity is only practicable if attempting to maintain a
number of names – some would be lost at each drop.

Karen Thompson

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