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Re: [ga] domain tastinmg comments

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  • Subject: Re: [ga] domain tastinmg comments
  • From: jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 17:25:12 -0700 (GMT-07:00)

Dominik and all,

  I don't buy #'s 1, 2, 3, or 5 for keeping the AGP "As is" or
at all and DO believe that Tasters will of course use all five
as excuses for their errant activity as will registrars and registries.

  It's also very hard to see how #4 is much or a valid reason
for keeping the AGP given that the Grief Period is so short
as to effect any sort of meaningful "Testing and development
systems" of any substantial type or kind...

  No, these are excuses, not reasons, and poor excuses at
best especially for #'s 1, 2, 3, and 5.  No I smell an alternative
motive at play here...  And that smell is offensive [it stinks].
If a person of reasonable intellegence is to believe these five
excuses [ see below] than perhaps he also believes in flushless
toilets as well...

Dominik Filipp wrote:

> Roberto,
> Do not worry too much about these things. They are simpler than they
> pretend to be. If you take a brief look at GNSO Outcomes Report on
> Domain Tasting, starting page 25, there are five reasons enumerated by
> registrars for keeping the AGP
> 1. Correction of typographical errors made by registrant
> 2. Cart "hold" to provide access to domain names
> 3. Fraud remedies
> 4. Monitoring, testing and development of systems.
> 5. Addressing Registrant 'Buyer's Remorse'
> 1. Frankly, have you ever come across any typo-correction feature
> offered by registrars/resellers. Me not. Perhaps it exists at few
> registrars but that scarce occurrence, if any, just indicates weak
> interest in such a service, or registrar's reluctance to offer it in
> higher volume. That is, a pseudo-problem. Nevertheless, this can be
> easily solved by double opt-in approach as Chris proposes.
> 2. and 5. I heard about for the first time in my life when I scanned the
> report. And I stayed stunned. Such luxury can afford just businesses
> with fair trade practices. By no means domain registrations with such
> large-volume abuse proven and demonstrated.
> 3. has been discussing here for a few days. The problem that other
> online businesses must be solving on daily basis without any advantage
> similar to AGP. Why should registrars be given such prerogative over
> other businesses? No answer.
> 4. can be accomplished in different ways.
> As you can see all that are just pseudo-problems facilitating
> comfortable life of spoilt registrars. It is time to wake up and start
> doing standard business.
> Dominik
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> Subject: RE: [ga] domain tastinmg comments
> And I agree completely with you.
> The devil is in the details, as usual. Questions arise:
> - how will the policy change? Will the store stop grace period practice
> altogether, or return only a percentage of the money paid? (this is the
> .org
> solution)
> - will each individual store make its own decision, or will a global
> policy authority enforce elimination of the practice? In the real world,
> individual shops may shout loud, because that will prevent them to put
> in practice what they would call a customer service.
> Probably more questions may arise. Anyway, to be clear, I am not
> defending the AGP, and I am definitively objecting the excess and/or
> misuse, I am only trying to figure out whether it is necessary and/or
> beneficial to kill the AGP instead of killing the perverse effects.
> Incidentally, I tend to think (and did not see so far any convincing
> statement against) that if we apply a cost per transaction of a certain
> amount instead of applying a full refund the misuse will stop (or at
> least will be greatly reduced) without disallowing the market to make
> use of the AGP, if the different actors decide to do so, not requiring
> an intervention from the center.
> But this is just my opinion. Of course, different Board members have
> different opinions.
> Cheers,
> Roberto


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