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Comment on drawing - dotversicherung

  • To: <drawing-prioritization@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Comment on drawing - dotversicherung
  • From: <mp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 12:34:55 +0100

From dotversicherung-registry GmbH (.VERSICHERUNG)

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Drawing - process.

The consideration of the public interest is part of ICANN's Affirmation of Commitments (... that requires ICANN to "ensure that its decisions are in the public interest and not just the interest of a Particular set of stakeholders" ...) and has been expressed by the GAC for the introduction the new gTLDs in 2007 as a requirement in the "GAC Principles Regarding new gTLDs".

There is a consensus that certain existing TLDs are operated to serve the public interest, as well as some applied-for new gTLDs will do. That's why GeoTLDs , as defined in the Applicant Guidebook, were require to provide a support letter of their local authority or government the representative of the public interest. The same goes for Community TLDs. They must demonstrate the support of the relevant community as well they are accountable to the community by appropriately mechanisms like use policies or eligibility requirements policy and enforcement. In order to minimize the discrimination of regions with other scripts, IDN TLDs are considered to serve the public interest.

The introduction of IDN gTLDs will be prioritized according to the ICANN proposal, to take public interest into account. In order to avoid discrimination between IDN gTLDs and other public interest gTLDs we demand to prioritize all these gTLD applications and process them in the following order:

1.       IDNs

2.       GeoTLDs

3.       CommunityTLDs

4.       All other TLDs

Thank you.

Matthias Pfeifer

dotversicherung-registry GmbH
Itzenbüttler Mühlenweg 35a
21227 Bendestorf

Tel. 04183-77489-15  //  Fax. 04183-77489-19

HRB 202490 // AG Tostedt
Geschäftsführer: Axel Schwiersch

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