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Ideas for ICANN

  • To: fast-track-review-2010@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Ideas for ICANN
  • From: "Daniel Asparuhoff" <danhoff@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2010 20:18:43 +0100

Dear ICANN board,

 I`m Daniel Asparuhov from Sofia, Bulgaria, writing in personal capacity.

 I was very surprised to see the DNS Stability panel turning down the Bulgarian 
Fast track application for the .бг IDN ccTLD, because:

 - I remember Bulgarian people talking with ICANN on this IDN TLD since 2007 
and no one from ICANN telling that the proposed .бг would not be accepted.

 - I remember on 18 June 2008, the former head of the Bulgarian State IT Agency 
(now defunct), sending a letter to the former ICANN President Dr. Paul Twomey, 
saying Bulgaria officially requests the .бг IDN ccTLD, and Dr. Twomey did`t 

 - I remember former ICANN board member Mr. Veni Markovski saying later in 2008 
in the press that Bulgaria will have it`s own IDN ccTLD - .бг, even endorsing a 
specific registry organization that was not correct, but this is other topic.

 - I`ve seen recently ICANN staff saying that a re-evaluation procedure for the 
Fast track is not needed, as the Fast track was designed for countries without 
any problems in their applications.
 But when the Fast track was made, Bulgaria didn`t have any problems with its 
proposal, as you may see from my previous points. Nobody expected such outcome.

 I really hope the ICANN board will agree that the Bulgarian application was 
incorrectly turned told and will add a re-evaluation procedure to the Fast 


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