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[gnso-dt-wg] Updated : Domin tasting ad hoc group statements of interest - 24 August 2007

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  • Subject: [gnso-dt-wg] Updated : Domin tasting ad hoc group statements of interest - 24 August 2007
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  • Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 21:05:02 +0200

Dear All,

Please see the updated statments of interest for the domain tasting ad hoc participants and observers.

* indicates an update or added statement
Sophia Bekele
Marilyn Cade*
Patrick Cain
Edmon Chung
Paul Diaz*
Avri Doria
Chuck Gomes
Alan Greenberg
Caroline Greer
Seth Jacoby
Adrian Kinderis
David Maher
Laura Mather*
Margie Milam*
Ram Mohan
Jeff Neuman*
Mike Rodenbaugh
Kristina Rosette
Tim Ruiz*
Greg Ruth
Peter Stevenson*
Jay Westerdal

In addition, the following participants have asked to subscribe to the
group, and need to send updated statements of interest.

Sarah Deutsch
Phil Lodico
Mike O'Connor

David Steele

Danny Younger

Registar C
Francesco Cetraro
Mason Cole
Robert Connelly
Jeff Eckhaus
Jothan Frakes
Seth Jacoby
John Kane
Peter Lamson
Bill Mushkin
Paul Stahura
Ricardo Vaz Monteiro

Rod Rasmussen - APWG

Thank you very much.
Kind regards,

Statement of Interest

SOPHIA BEKELE - Nominating Committee appointee to the GNSO Council

I represent a California based, privately held company, CBS Enterprise
Group, which is engaged in international business. As part of its
portfolio of services, the company provides systems integration services
through CBS International, which delivers domain registration, web
hosting and email services to end users via a reseller, agreement with
registrars. Less than 10% of CBS's business is derived from these services.

In my personal capacity, I do not have any of my moneys, invested in
companies that are in the registrar businesses. I do not believe that
any activities of the Council or ICANN could have a material effect on
the work I do at CBS International.

MARILYN CADE - Commercial and Business Users constituency

I am the President and Managing Partner of a small business/consultancy
focused on Internet Governance issues and the convergence of technology
and policy. I advice multinational corporations in their interactions
with governments, international organizations, and in working with
associations and other companies. The clients I advise hold famous and
well known brands, and have been the subject of tasting, kiting, and
parking, and the growth of cybersquatting.

I advise, but do not represent clients in ICANN policy activity related
to domain name tasting. I am a member of the Business Constituency as a
small business owner and  have concerns as a small business owner about
domain name tasting, kiting, parking and cybersquatting and the
remediation processes available to companies, large and small.

Beyond my own business interests, my clients are interested in ICANN's
stability, generally, including in ensuring that ICANN fulfills its core
mission of providing private sector leadership, including ensuring that
it meets the obligations of the JPA and providing an alternative to
government oversight and regulation of the generic names space, DNS,
etc.  I played a coordinating role with industry in the events that led
to the creation of ICANN and remain involved with others from a broad
and diverse set of stakeholders in ensuring  support for private sector
leadership for the key functions performed by ICANN.  I thus have both a
business and personal interest in the stability of the DNS, and of ICANN.

I am also a member of the ICANN President's Strategy Committee.  I chair
the Global Public Policy Committee at ITAA. I am also actively involved
in coordinating a multistakeholder consultation on Internet Governance.
I represent my clients at WIPO, at the ITU, and at other fora, such as
the OECD.  I speak frequently at multistakeholder fora; and am an expert
on Internet Governance issues, including the issues of private sector
leadership in the Internet.

PAT CAIN  - observer
1. Current occupation, employer and position.

I am a research fellow and evangelist with the APWG
(www.antiphishing.org). The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is the
global pan-industrial and law enforcement association focused on
eliminating the fraud and identity theft that result from phishing,
pharming and email spoofing of all types.

 The APWG acts as a clearinghouse for best-practices relating to
deterring online fraud and crime, and collects, aggregates, and
distributes discovered fraudulent domain and URL data to members,
research partners, law enforcement, and filtering and anti-virus vendors
to prevent.

I also own a small network security consulting company using my
multi-year experiences as an ISP security officer to the benefit of my

2. Type of work performed in 1 above.

My work involves technical interactions with the APWG's data repository,
blind contact system, and investigative partners. I am also part of the
APWG public education group that presents technical and statistical data
to other parties and public forums.

3. Financial ownership or management leadership of registries,
registrars or other firms that are interested parties in Whois.


4. Nature of your interest in Whois.

Our researchers maintain that fraudulent domains collect most of their
victims within the first four or five hours of operation. Our mission
includes identifying fraudulent domains to be included in browser and
mail-relay filter lists and working to get the fraudulent domain
disabled as quickly as possible to reduce the number of phishing
victims. Fraudulent contact data in a domain record makes this quite
hard. Hiding domain and contact data so it is harder to quickly identify
suspicious URLs in a domain
just creates more victims and generates more false positives.

EDMON CHUNG - gTLD Registries Constituency

I am currently serving as the CEO for DotAsia Organisation Ltd. DotAsia
is the registry operator and sponsor for the ICANN Sponsored gTLD
".ASIA". DotAsia is a not-for-profit membership based organization
incorporated in Hong Kong. The current members of DotAsia includes 20
ccTLDs (".AF", ".BT", ".CN", ".ID", ".IN", ".IR", ".JP", ".KH", ".KR",
".KZ", ".MN", ".MO", ".NU", ".NZ", ".PH", ".SG", ".TJ", ".TW", ".UZ" and
".VN") in the Asia community and 3 regional organisations: APNIC, APNG
and PAN. APNIC is an RIR in the ICANN ASO.

Prior to joining DotAsia, I was the Creative Director of Afilias Ltd.
Afilias is the registry operator for the ICANN gTLD ".INFO". Afilias
also provides registry services to other ICANN gTLDs, including ".ORG",
".AERO" and ".MOBI", as well as other ccTLDs including ".IN", ".AG",
".GI", ".SC", ".HN", ".BZ", ".VC", ".MN", ".LA", and ".SG".

PAUL DIAZ - Registrar

I am a full-time employee of Network Solutions, LLC where I currently
serve as the Policy & Ethics Manager.  Network Solutions is an
ICANN-accredited registrar offering gTLD and ccTLD domain name
registration and Web presence services to our small business customers.
Network Solutions also has two affiliated, ICANN-accredited registrars,
NameSecure L.L.C. and TLDS L.L.C d/b/a SRSplus.  I am not in possession
of any registry sensitive or proprietary information.  To the best of my
knowledge, I have no ownership interest in any entity that currently has
business before the GNSO or ICANN.
Further to my previous Statement of Interest, my daily responsibilities
include handling ICANN-related issues, corporate advocacy at the local,
state and federal levels, and administering Network Solutions' business
ethics program.  I have no ownership interest in Network Solutions or
its affiliated registrars, nor in any current registry operator.
Network Solutions and its affiliated registrars intend to offer IDN
registration services in the future.

AVRI DORIA - Nominating Committee appointee to the GNSO Council

I am an independent research consultant and an adjunct professor at Lule
University of Technology in Sweden. I also have a recurring contract
with the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as a consultant to its
secretariat. I have no employment, contract, financial interest, share
ownership or any other business relationship with ICANN, registries or
registrars except as a registrant of several domain names.

As part of my volunteer activities I give advice to various
representatives of indigenous nomadic and semi-nomadic populations on
Internet topics which include the possibility of obtaining an TLD. I am
currently involved in activities that may lead to the creation of an non
governmental organization (NGO) whose primary purpose would be to assist
indigenous groups as well as populations from the less developed
nations, NGOs active in representing the needs of these populations, and
other advocacy groups, in obtaining a presence on the Internet. These
activities may involve providing assistance in obtaining a TLD,
including assistance in raising the necessary funding for a TLD, when
that is an appropriate solution to their goals.


CHUCK GOMES - gTLD Registries Constituency

I am Vice President of Policy and Compliance for VeriSign, Inc. VeriSign
is the registry operator for the .com and the .net gTLDs and also
provides backend registry services in support of Global Name Registry
for the .name gTLD and Employ Media for the .jobs gTLD. VeriSign is also
the registry operator for two ccTLDs, .cc for the Cocos and Keelings
Islands and .tv for Tuvalu.

As an employee who supports VeriSign�s naming services business, I do
often have access to Registry Sensitive information including
information about registrars. With regard to both our gTLD and ccTLD
registration services businesses as well as other VeriSign businesses,
our customers and business associates have interests in various ICANN
policy issues and may be members of other GNSO constituencies and/or
supporting organizations.

In addition to registry agreements with ICANN for .com and .net,
VeriSign also has obligations to the U.S. Department of Commerce through
a cooperative agreement that was initiated in 1993 and has been amended
many times since then. Those obligations include providing the A and J
root servers as well as support to ICANN in implementing changes in the
root zone file. As such, VeriSign is a member of the DNS Root Server
System Advisory Committee and also works closely with IANA staff in the
processing of root zone changes.

As a representative elected to the GNSO Council by the unsponsored gTLD
registry members of the gTLD Registry Constituency (RyC), I am required
by the Constituency�s Articles of Operation to represent the views of
those members and the full Constituency as applicable, not my own or
VeriSign�s. In that regard, I will endeavor to always qualify any
personal statements as such and will follow-up with the RyC to obtain
their position.

I own shares of VeriSign stock and hold options to purchase additional
shares, but the amount of shares I currently own plus the potential
shares I could possibly own if I exercised all options is a miniscule
number relative to the total number of VeriSign shares.

 ALAN GREENBERG - At Large Advisory Committee liaison to the GNSO Council

Other than my ALAC and GNSO participation, I have neither a business
relationship nor substantive any involvement with either ICANN or
organizations significantly affected by decisions or recommendations
made by ICANN or its constituent bodies.

CAROLINE GREER - gTLD Registries Constituency

I am Policy Director for mTLD Ltd, the Registry responsible for the
.mobi TLD. I participate in the gTLD Registry Constituency.

dotMobi is the first top level domain dedicated to delivering the
internet to the mobile phone. mTLD is sponsored by a consortium of
thirteen companies, two of which (Nokia and Telefónica) are members of
ICANN’s Business Constituency. dotMobi signed its contract with ICANN in
July 2005 and began operations in May 2006.

dotMobi is required to reserve certain names and these reserved names
are identified in Appendix 6 of the .mobi Agreement. dotMobi also has
‘Premium Names’ listed in its Product List (Appendix S of the
Agreement). These names are commonly used words and phrases that are
allocated on an other than first-come-first-served basis and therefore
must first be reserved by the Registry and held back from general
allocation. dotMobi will allocate such names using auction and Request
for Proposals (‘RFP’) processes, the latter of which centers on content
suggestions from the market. The purpose of the RFP process in
particular is to stimulate growth of the mobile internet market and help
deliver new features and services to the mobile community.

SETH JACOBY - Registrar
February 1, 2007

I am the Vice President of Search and Navigation for VendareNetblue
which is the parent company of Basic Fusion, Inc.  Basic Fusion is an
ICANN accredited registrar and a member of the ICANN Registrars
Constituency.  VendareNetblue actively acquires strategic domain names,
and in the event certain reserved domain names are released,
VendareNetblue may have an interest in acquiring such names.

VendareNetblue is also interested in how the potential sale of single
letter domain names may be used to fund ICANN’s operations, and as a
result, reduce the financial burden placed on registrars.

ADRIAN KINDERIS - Registrar Constituency

I am Managing Director of AusRegistry Group Pty Ltd a company based in
Melbourne, Australia and an ICANN accredited Registrar and member of the
Registrar Constituency

The AusRegistry Group of companies includes, AusRegistry Pty Ltd, the
Registry Services provider for all second level .au domain names and
AusRegistry International Pty Ltd, a Registry Consultancy Service.

I hold the position of Director in all companies above.

None of the companies within the AusRegistry Group are affiliated with
any gTLD Registry operator with the exception of AusRegistry Pty Ltd of
which Afilias has a minority shareholding.

I am not in possession of any gTLD Registry proprietary or sensitive
information, nor have I ever been. I am not an officer, director,
consultant, or employee of any other member of this Constituency or any
other ICANN Constituency.

DAVID W. MAHER – gTLD Registry constituency

1. I am Senior Vice President - Law and Policy of Public Interest
Registry (PIR), a nonprofit corporation responsible for management of
the registry of the .ORG top level domain. From 1999 until 2002, I was
Vice President - Public Policy of the Internet Society. In 2002, I
became founding Chairman of the Board of Public Interest Registry, and
served in that capacity until August, 2004. I am currently Chair of the
Registry Constituency of the GNSO.
I am a member of the Bar of New York, Illinois and Wisconsin and a
registered patent attorney with the US Patent and Trademark Office. I am
a director of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern
Illinois, Inc. I am a retired partner of the law firm, Sonnenschein Nath
& Rosenthal in the US, and have no connection at this time with any of
its present or former clients. I am a member of the WIPO Arbitration &
Mediation Center Panel of Neutrals.
I am a member of the Visiting Committee to the Divinity School at the
University of Chicago, a member of the American Law Institute and
various other professional organizations, but have no policy making
responsibilities in any of those organizations.
2. As Senior Vice President - Law & Policy, I advise PIR on legal and
policy issues and perform other executive functions.
3. Senior Vice President - Law and Policy of Public Interest Registry
(PIR), a nonprofit corporation responsible for management of the
registry of the .ORG top level domain. PIR is required by its contract
with ICANN to maintain a WHOIS function for the registry.
4. PIR is committed to the principle that some means must be found to
protect the privacy of personal data in WHOIS, while recognizing that
law enforcement agencies and some other bodies have a legitimate
interest in access to the data.

LAURA MATHER - Registrar

I am Senior Scientist at MarkMonitor, but I am participating on this
group as a representative of the Domain Name System Policy Working Group
which is part of the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

MARGIE MILAM – Registrar

I am the Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of
MarkMonitor, Inc., an ICANN accredited registrar based in Boise Idaho,
and am responsible for MarkMonitor's ICANN policy initiatives.
MarkMonitor is the leading corporate domain registrar focusing primarily
on managing the large and complex global domain portfolios of
multinational corporations.  MarkMonitor provides additional value added
services to its corporate clientele, such as online brand protection and
fraud prevention services.  MarkMonitor is a member of INTA, IACC,
Anti-Phishing Working Group, and LES.  MarkMonitor is interested in
participating in this group from the perspective of a brand protection
services provider that gathers statistics and information on the types
of domain tasting issues that are faced by large corporations.
MarkMonitor publishes a quarterly BrandJacking Index that tracks domain
tasting/kiting targeting the world's largest brands.

I currently serve as MarkMonitor's representative on the ICANN Registrar
Constituency, and as the Treasurer of the Registrar Constituency.   I
also serve on the Internet Committee of IACC and the INTA Services
Committee. MarkMonitor is also a member of the Intellectual Property
Constituency.  I am also a frequent speaker on intellectual property
issues, and have coordinated and participated in seminars on WHOIS
related issues.
Prior to joining MarkMonitor, I was a partner with the Los Angeles
global law firm, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pitman, representing many
international clients with respect to general corporate and intellectual
property issues.

RAM MOHAN - gTLD registries c.
I manage business operations, strategy and technology for Afilias
Limited, the ICANN designated registry operator of the .INFO gTLD.

Afilias is the registry services provider for several gTLD, sTLD and
ccTLD registries, including .ORG, .MOBI, .ASIA and .AERO.

I own shares in several registrars and registries.  In do not own a
material number of shares in any instance, and am not a controlling
shareholder or board member.

Afilias is keenly interested in IDNs, has a commercial interest in the
launch of IDNs, and intends to apply for IDN TLDs.

JEFFREY J. NEUMAN, Esq. - gTLD Registries constituency

I am the Senior Director of Law, Advanced Services & Business
Development for NeuStar, Inc.  NeuStar, either through itself or through
its wholly owned subsidiary, NeuLevel, Inc., is the registry operator
for the .biz generic Top-Level Domain and the .us TLD.  We also provide
back-end registry services for the .travel TLD, and DNS-related services
to Afilias, who services the .info and .org TLDs..

MIKE RODENBAUGH - Commercial and Business Users Constituency

I am employed full-time by Yahoo! Inc., as Senior Legal Director. I have
been elected to the GNSO Council by the Commercial and Business Users

Yahoo! is a leading global Internet brand and one of the most trafficked
Internet destinations worldwide. Yahoo!'s mission is to connect people
to their passions, their communities, and the world's knowledge. I
engage ICANN issues from Yahoo!'s perspective as a premier online brand
and diversified business, highly valuing the perspectives of our
customers, partners and users.

Yahoo! has hundreds of thousands of online business customers and
partners which advertise and provide services to our global audience.We
are interested in seeing all of these businesses succeed and grow.These
businesses work with Yahoo! because we have earned one of the world's
largest audiences, requiring that the 'user perspective' remain
extremely important to us always. And, of course Yahoo! is a famous
brand that is extremely challenging to protect and enforce online,

I believe businesses of all types and sizes share our interest in the
rapid growth of internet commerce, balanced with fair protection of
existing property interests. I look forward to working with the Council
to address the many serious issues that existing businesses encounter as
a result of ICANN policy.

KRISTINA ROSETTE - Intellectual Property Interests Constituency

I am employed as a Special Counsel by Covington & Burling LLP
Covington), a general practice law firm with over 600 lawyers in five
offices in three countries. I am resident in Covingto's Washington, DC
office and am a member of the District of Columbia bar. I specialize in
Internet and trademark matters, and represent trademark owner clients in
connection with such matters. Among my responsibilities, I develop and
implement offensive and defensive domain name registration, Internet
monitoring, and enforcement strategies; reclaim domain names through
negotiation, arbitration (under the UDRP, .biz STOP, and .mobi Sunrise
Challenge policies, thus far), and litigation; and advise clients on the
use of keywords and sponsored links. In connection with advising firm
clients of generally noteworthy trademark- or Internet-related
developments, I have also provided information and updates on domain
name system developments (e.g., posting of reports for public comment,
announcements of new policies such as the Domain Name Transfer Policy,
.eu Sunrise requirements). All such communications have been, and will
continue to be, based solely on publicly available information and
documents. From time to time, I register or acquire in my own name
domain names for firm clients. I am currently the registrant of several
domain names, both on behalf of firm clients and in an individual
capacity. From time to time and as circumstances warrant, I have
completed and submitted Whois Data Problem Reports on behalf of firm
clients. Since 2004, I have been a member of the Registration Practice
and DNS Administration Subcommittee of the International Trademark
Association's Internet Committee.

I have determined that Covington does not represent ICANN and does not
represent any clients in matters in which ICANN is an adverse party.
Covington did represent the International Cooperative Alliance in
connection with the formation and establishment of DotCooperation LLC,
the .coop registry operator, but that matter has been closed for some
time. I have also determined that Covington neither represents any gTLD
or sTLD registry operator in matters relating to its capacity as a
registry operator nor represents any client in matters adverse to such
registry operators as registry operators. Based on the responses to my
inquiries, Covington does not represent any ccTLD registry operator in
its capacity as a registry operator nor does it represent any client in
matters adverse to any ccTLD registry operators as registry operators.
To the best of my knowledge, Covington does not represent any
ICANN-accredited registrar in its capacity as a registrar nor does it
represent any firm client in a matter adverse to a registrar as
registrar. From time to time, Covington has represented firm clients in
intellectual property matters adverse to registrars, and it is likely to
do so periodically in the future. I have not been involved in such
matters. It is possible that a firm client is an ICANN-accredited
registrar, but, if so, Covington does not represent it in such matters.

TIM RUIZ  - Registrar

I am Vice President of Corporate Development and Policy for The Go Daddy
Group, Inc. The Go Daddy Group companies include eight ICANN accredited
registrars including GoDaddy.com, Inc.

GoDaddy.com is a member of the Registrars Constituency of the GNSO and I
am its Registered Representative.

GoDaddy.com is a member of the dotMOBI Advisory Group (MAG). I represent
GoDaddy.com on the MAG. I am on the MAG Steering Committee and have been
appointed by the Steering Committee to represent the MAG on dotMOBI
Policy Advisory Board (PAB). The MAG and PAB, among other activities,
are involved in recommending policy to mTLD, the dotMOBI Registry

GoDaddy.com is also a member of the United States Council for
International Business (USCIB). The USCIB is a member of the Business
Constituency of the GNSO. Our primary interest in the USCIB is the DNS
and Internet Identifiers Working Group.

GoDaddy.com recently acquired a small interest in Afilias Limited for
investment purposes. GoDaddy.com and Afilias USA recently formed a joint
venture dba Alliance Registry, in which Afilias USA is the managing
member and assumes authority and responsibility for all day-to-day
registry operations.

GoDaddy.com has been an outspoken critic of domain tasting due to its
adverse affects on potential registrants and our concern that such
affects will harm the reputation of and further erode consumer
confidence  in our industry.

GREG RUTH - ISPCP Constituency

I am a Senior Consultant for Verizon Business, a global communications,
security and technology provider. My duties consist primarily of
providing consulting services. As a multi-national organization, Verizon
Business has many customer and vendor relationships, and some of those
relationships may include ICANN accredited registrars, registries as
well as members of other GNSO constituencies. In the normal course of my
duties, I have no knowledge of which ICANN related organizations my
company is contractually involved with. My position and responsibilities
in Verizon Business do not allow me any decision making power, personal
involvement, responsibility or other interest in determining or carrying
out the contractual relationships in which my company enters. As a
global network provider, my company's interest in ICANN is for the
security and stability of the Internet. I do not have any relationships
or duties outside my company that would involve any issues of interest
to or conflict with ICANN, and my duties in the GNSO.

This statement of interest will be maintained at:



I am the Operations Manager for Fabulous.com Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of
Dark Blue Sea Ltd (DBS), a Public Company Listed on the Australian Stock
exchange (ASX).

Fabulous.com is an ICANN accredited registrar based in Brisbane
Australia offering gTLD’s (.com, .net, .org and .info).  Fabulous.com is
a wholesale registrar with its primary focus on domainer’s and the
monetization of domain name traffic. Additionally Fabulous.com is also
involved in the aftermarket sale of domain names via the Domain
Distribution Network (DDN).

Fabulous.com is a member of the Registrar Constituency.

I am not in possession of any Registry sensitive or proprietary
information, nor have I ever been.

I have a small interest in DBS shares via the ASX.


1. Current occupation, employer and position.
I am the President and Chief Executive Counsel of Name Intelligence,
Inc., located in Bellevue, Washington.

2. Type of work performed in 1 above.
I am responsible for corporate management and growth.

3. Financial ownership or management leadership of registries,
registrars or other firms that are interested parties in Whois, and 4.
Nature of your interest in Whois.
Name Intelligence is a domain name registrar. We also operate
DomainTools.com, a Domain Information portal. As such, we have an
interest in Whois issues.

Name Intelligence is a member of the Registrar Constituency (RC) of the
GNSO.  In May 2006, I was elected Secretary of the RC.

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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