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Re: [At-Large] GNSO Improvements - ALAC and Joint Statements - comments requested

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  • Subject: Re: [At-Large] GNSO Improvements - ALAC and Joint Statements - comments requested
  • From: "Jeffrey A. Williams" <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 17:01:29 -0700 (GMT-07:00)

Nick and all,

  As Wendy has already said, bares repeating.  This is
and remains a farce.  As a NCUC member I was not consulted,
nor do I know of any NCUC member that was or is willing
to confirm same.  None of our INEGroup members support
this nonsense either.  Nor is there any independent 
confirmation from the BC or any other constituency that
is on record.  Hence frankly Wendy's remarks ring even
louder and much more accurate.

  Frankly as time goes along, the whole of the ALAC and
ALS'es as Danny has more than once indicated, looks like
another farce hoist upon ICANN and especially users
as if it represents any significant number of users
what so ever, not to mention practices censorship.
And to make it even worse, some of the ALAC staff,
and chairs are propagating spam, malware, spyware,
and child pornography due to open mis configured DNS's 
for gods sake!  Sheesh!

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>Subject: [At-Large] GNSO Improvements - ALAC and Joint Statements - comments   
>Dear All:
>As you may recall, an Ad-Hoc Working Group on GNSO Improvements, with
>representatives of each RALO, has been working on a response to the public
>consultation on the Board Governance Committee¹s proposals for improvements
>to the GNSO.
>As a part of that work, the working group was also engaged in negotiations
>with various communities within the GNSO Community, including the Commercial
>and Business Users, Intellectual Property, Internet Service and Connectino
>Providers, and Non-Commercial Users Constituencies.
>The Joint Statement that resulted from those discussions was posted to the
>public comment forum today, and is accessible at:
>The Working Group also produced a draft statement for transmission to the
>Board of Directors by the ALAC in its role as an Advisory Committee. That
>document was subject to a community comment period, and the working group
>incorporated those comments received ­ however, the working group took the
>decision that it would be better to wait to finalise the text until after
>the Joint Statement was finished, so that the At-Large community could take
>one final look at the two statements, make any comments, and if necessary
>those comments could then be dealt with in the ALAC¹s individual statement.
>The ALAC also discussed the progress on this issue at its meeting earlier
>this month.
>The Staff have been asked to post a version of the ALAC statement, as well
>as the Joint Statement, so that comments can be taken. It is envisaged that
>we will be able to take comments for a few days as the statement can be
>transmitted to the board following the end of the public comment period on
>the GNSO Improvements draft, which finishes on the 24th of April.
>You may access both the draft ALAC Statement, and the Joint Statement, from
>this URL. Please do use the comment button to provide any comments you care
>to make.
>Nick Ashton-Hart, Matthias Langenegger, Frederic Teboul
>ICANN At-Large Staff
>email: staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>ALAC mailing list
>At-Large Official Site: http://atlarge.icann.org


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