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[gnso-iocrc-dt] FW: Adobe Connect - Chat Transcript from International Olympic Committee and Red Cross Names

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  • Subject: [gnso-iocrc-dt] FW: Adobe Connect - Chat Transcript from International Olympic Committee and Red Cross Names
  • From: Brian Peck <brian.peck@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 12:28:07 -0800

  Brian Peck:OC/Red Cross Name Protection Drafting Team Meeting - 11
January, 2012
  Jeff Neuman:hello everyone
  Margie Milam 2:Hi
  Konstantinos Komaitis:is there audio for the meeting?
  Margie Milam 2:Not on adobe connect-- you need to call into the telephone
numbers Glen provided
  Konstantinos Komaitis:thank you margie...i will do so within the next 30
  Steve DelBianco (BC):Board Resolution: incorporation of text concerning
protection for specific requested Red Cross and IOC names for the top level
only during the initial application round, until the GNSO and GAC develop
policy advice based on the global public interest
  Alan Greenberg:Sorry to be late. Connecting now.
  Alan Greenberg:In
  Joy Liddicoat:The Board resolution seems to clearly state that the
protection is "only during the initial application round" - yes?
  Chuck Gomes:Would anyone object to recommending string similarity review?
  Steve DelBianco (BC):please re-state that, Jeff
  Steve DelBianco (BC):thanks. I concur
  Joy Liddicoat:that is a good point Margie
  Chuck Gomes:Let's ask the GAC specifically if there is any dought
  Chuck Gomes:dought = doubt
  Joy Liddicoat:I am looking at the 19 Sept 2011 applicant guidebook  - is
this the correct version that others are looking at?
  Joy Liddicoat:can someone post a link please?
  Konstantinos Komaitis:yes please...which translations are we talking
  Chuck Gomes:Guidebook: http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/applicants/agb
  Konstantinos Komaitis:thanks chuck
  Greg Shatan:The Guidebook I accessed says: *Note that in addition to the
above strings, ICANN will reserve translations of the terms³test² and
³example² in multiple languages. The remainder of the strings are
reservedonly in the form included above.
  Steve DelBianco (BC):Is wolggang asking WHETHER the Greek govt objects, or
WHY tey are not objecting to this?
  Joy Liddicoat:For example - "Olympus "?
  Alan Greenberg:Would .compact be refused due to .com?
  Alan Greenberg:Or .inf due to .info
  Jeff Neuman:Alan - there are lots of examples like that
  Steve DelBianco (BC):Is the String Simlarity reviewer allowed to consider
a letter of non-objection from IOC in making her determination of simlarity?
  Alan Greenberg:@Jeff Yup, just raising two here because of the current
  Steve DelBianco (BC):Guidebook page 2-5: Similarity to Existing TLDs or
Reserved Names ­ This review involves cross-checking between each
applied-for string and the lists of existing TLD strings and Reserved Names
to determine whether two strings are so similar to one another that they
create a probability of user confusion.
  Joy Liddicoat:This is probably why the guidebook says names ineligble for
delegation are not to be subject to string similiarity review
  Greg Shatan:Standard for String Confusion ­ String confusion exists wherea
string so nearly resembles another visually that it is likely todeceive or
cause confusion. For the likelihood of confusionto exist, it must be
probable, not merely possible thatconfusion will arise in the mind of the
average, reasonableInternet user. Mere association, in the sense that the
stringbrings another string to mind, is insufficient to find alikelihood of
  Kiran Malancharuvil:Are we looking at in the Applicant Guidebook?
  Steve DelBianco (BC):the GAC should appreciate giving the Similarity
Panelist flexibility to consider a letter of "non-Confusion" in making her
  Joy Liddicoat:but there are still rights of objection
  Joy Liddicoat:thanks Jeff
  Konstantinos Komaitis:thanks Jeff

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