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[gnso-thickwhois-dt] MP3 / Thick WHOIS PDP Drafting Team - recording 13 September 2012 at 18:00 UTC

  • To: Thick WHOIS PDP DT <Gnso-thickwhois-dt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-thickwhois-dt] MP3 / Thick WHOIS PDP Drafting Team - recording 13 September 2012 at 18:00 UTC
  • From: Gisella Gruber <Gisella.Gruber@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 15:46:15 -0700

Dear All,

The next Thick WHOIS PDP Drafting Team call is scheduled  on Thursday 20 
September 2012 at 1800 UTC.

Please find the MP3 recording of the Thick WHOIS PDP Drafting Team 
teleconference held on Thursday 13 September 2012 at 1800 UTC at:


On page:  

The recordings and transcriptions of the calls are posted on the GNSO Master 
Calendar page:



Elisa Cooper - CBUC

Avri Doria - NCSG
Keith Drazek - RySG
Ray Fassett - RySG

Frédéric Guillemaut  - RrSG

Susan Kawaguchi - CBUC

Steve Metalitz - IPC

Mikey O'Connor - ISPCP

Susan Prosser - RrSG

Evan Leibovitch - At-Large


Marika Konings

Berry Cobb

Barbara Roseman

Gisella Gruber


Caroline Hoover - RySG

Alan Greenberg - At-Large

** Please let me know if your name has been left off the list **

Thank you.

Kind regards,


Mailing list archives:


Wiki page:


Information on WHOIS can be found on page


Participants subscribed to the drafting team

Wilson Abigaba - NCUC

Bob Bruen - NARALO ALS

Elisa Cooper - CBUC

Avri Doria - NCSG
Keith Drazek - RySG
Ekaterina Dureva - Individual
Ray Fassett - RySG
Alan Greenberg - At-Large
Volker Greimann - RrSG

Frédéric Guillemaut  - RrSG

Tony Harris - ISPCP

Caroline Hoover - RySG

Susan Kawaguchi - CBUC

Evan Leibovitch - At-Large

Steve Metalitz - IPC

Mikey O'Connor - ISPCP

Susan Prosser - RrSG

Tim Ruiz - RrSG

Carlton Samuels - At-Large

Michael Shohat - RrSG

Jonathan Tenenbaum - RrSG

Brian Winterfeldt - IPC

Jonathan Zuck - IPC


Stephane van Gelder - RrSG

Jeff Neuman - RySG

Wolf-Ulrich Knoben - ISPCP


Adobe Connect Chat Transcript:
   Marika Konings:'Thick' Whois DT Meeting - 13 September 2012
  Marika Konings:For those that have difficulties viewing the documents on the 
screen, you can either adjust them by using the plus / minus signs at the 
bottom of the pod or dowload them from the wiki 
  Gisella Gruber-White:Susan Kawaguchi has joined the call
  Marika Konings:I haven't summarized the comments, just collated them ;-)
  Gisella Gruber-White:Avri Doria has joined the call
  Gisella Gruber-White:Keith Drazekhas joined the call
  Gisella Gruber-White:Evan is back
  Gisella Gruber-White:Frédéric Guillemaut has joind the AC Room
  Evan Leibovitch:now on the landline
  Evan Leibovitch:ready to come in when you call on me, Mikey
  frederic guillemaut:hello, on line now
  Evan Leibovitch:FWIW, ALAC has also comments on WHOIS in non-g TLDs
  Evan Leibovitch:no rush, Mikey
  Steve Metalitz:Sec. 4.1 of Issues Report defines thick v. thin Whois
  frederic guillemaut:glossary ?
  frederic guillemaut:yes ust a few sentences.
  Evan Leibovitch:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whois#Thin_and_thick_lookups
  Evan Leibovitch::-)
  Evan Leibovitch:Those are the publicly-facing definitions.
  Evan Leibovitch:Then there's 
  Evan Leibovitch:sorry, try 
  Keith Drazek, Verisign:it makes sense to understand where the definitions 
came from, and everyone should review the definitions to see if they have any 
issues with the definitions. just so we're all in agreement  from the outset.
  Keith Drazek, Verisign:+1 avri
  Marika Konings:I think the content of the Issue Report is based on the new 
gTLD paper (link provided above by Evan), but I'll double check.
  Ray Fassett (.JOBS):thanks Mikey
  Evan Leibovitch:good stuff all

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