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[gnso-thickwhois-dt] MP3 / Thick WHOIS PDP Drafting Team - 04 October 2012 at 18:00 UTC

  • To: Gisella Gruber <Gisella.Gruber@xxxxxxxxx>, Thick WHOIS PDP DT <Gnso-thickwhois-dt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-thickwhois-dt] MP3 / Thick WHOIS PDP Drafting Team - 04 October 2012 at 18:00 UTC
  • From: Gisella Gruber <Gisella.Gruber@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 13:57:00 -0700

Dear All,

Please find the MP3 recording of the Thick WHOIS PDP Drafting Team 
teleconference held on Thursday 04 October 2012 at 1800 UTC at:


On page:  http://gnso.icann.org/en/calendar/#oct

The recordings and transcriptions of the calls are posted on the GNSO Master 
Calendar page


The adobe connect chat transcript is posted at the end of this email.


Elisa Cooper - CBUC

Keith Drazek - RySG
Alan Greenberg - At-Large

Carolyn Hoover - RySG

Susan Kawaguchi - CBUC

Mikey O'Connor - ISPCP

Jonathan Tenenbaum - RrSG
Ray Fassett - RySG
Ekaterina Dureva - Individual

Susan Prosser

Steve Metalitz

Jonathan Zuck

Jeff Neuman

Frederic Guillemaut

Volker Greiman

Marika Konings
Barbara Roseman
Gisella Gruber


None noted

** Please let me know if your name has been left off the list **

Thank you.

Kind regards,


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Adobe Connect Chat Transcript:
  Marika Konings:Welcome to the 'thick' Whois DT meeting of 4 October 2012
  Alan Greenberg:Coordinator will assist me momentarily
  Alan Greenberg:Or not
  Carolyn Hoover (dotCoop - RySG)):same here
  Ray Fassett (.JOBS):same here
  Susan Prosser:ditto
  Barbara Roseman:they seem stuck or very busy
  Alan Greenberg:In
  Barbara Roseman:connecting
  Susan Prosser:in now
  Ray Fassett (.JOBS):but very polie - they keep welcoming me
  Carolyn Hoover (dotCoop - RySG)):in
  Ray Fassett (.JOBS):in
  Gisella Gruber-White:Volker has joined the AC room
  Marika Konings:The document on the screen includes Keith's, Carolyn's and 
Avri's suggestions / edits
  Marika Konings:It does not address Alan's points
  Gisella Gruber-White:Volker has joined the audio bridge\
  Gisella Gruber-White:Avri Doria has joined the call
  Jeff Neuman:I agree with Alan
  Keith Drazek, Verisign:i agree with carolyn's proposal
  Keith Drazek, Verisign:thanks for the comment, steve
  Jeff Neuman:"what are the cost implications of a transition to 'thick' Whois 
for Registries, Registrars, registrants and other parties for all gTLDs"
  Keith Drazek, Verisign:+1 jeff
  steve metalitz:I agree with Jeff.
  Gisella Gruber-White:Please remember to state your names for the transcript
  steve metalitz:Agree with Alan re "rights in data"
  Gisella Gruber-White:Jonathan Tenenbaum has joined the AC room
  steve metalitz:The privacy topic is already covered in an earlier paragraph
  Alan Greenberg:There are a whole bunch of companies that data-mine all whois 
and then store and distribute the data. and these companies already can exist 
in multiple countries. The data is already out there and stored in a host (pun 
intended) of places
  Marika Konings:I think that section is actually up in the document: '- Impact 
on privacy and data protection:: how would ‘thick’ Whois affect privacy and 
data protection, also taking into account the involvement of different 
jurisdictions with different laws and legislation with regard to data privacy 
as well as possible cross border transfers of registrant data?'
  avri:this is not a privacy issue
  avri:someone rights in their own data is not just a privacy issue
  Keith Drazek, Verisign:"authoritativeness" worked for me for this section
  Jeff Neuman:@Avri - But that is NOT a thin vs thick issue
  Jeff Neuman:Even the EU Privacy Directive does not touch "ownership" of data
  Carolyn Hoover (dotCoop - RySG)):As Jeff says, the phrase was not related to 
the issue of privacy
  Keith Drazek, Verisign:got dropped, dialing back in now
  avri:It goes beyond Privacy.
  avri:it goes to change in judicial consttiant
  Jeff Neuman:Existing Whois Applications:  What, if anything, are the 
potential impacts on the providers of third-party WHOIS-related applications if 
thick WHOIS is required for all gtLDs?
  Keith Drazek, Verisign:i'm good with Jeff's sentence
  Susan Prosser:+1 wth Jeff's vesion
  Jeff Neuman:There is a group in the IETF working on this
  Jeff Neuman:called the "WEIRDS" group
  Jeff Neuman:I agree we should be paying attention to it (and SSAC 51 work) as 
  steve metalitz:Agree with Alan
  Keith Drazek, Verisign:+1 jeff
  Barbara Roseman:Marika is going to leave the call, Barbara will stay on
  steve metalitz:Agree with Jeff
  avri:Not alone Keith!
  Ray Fassett (.JOBS):what is the objective of sending to council now?
  Keith Drazek, Verisign:i'm fine with pushing it to the council, but i reserve 
the right to come back and argue for that section again
  avri:forward a stauts report on where we are.
  Ray Fassett (.JOBS):status report makes sense
  Jonathan Tenenbaum:Agreed
  Alan Greenberg:Also merit in having it distributed to SG before COnst. Day.
  Jeff Neuman:A status report is not enough
  Jeff Neuman:I think we are so close to final
  Jeff Neuman:we should give them what we have EVEN if we have to highlight the 
few areas still worked on
  Keith Drazek, Verisign:thanks to everyone for the effort focusing on these 
recent proposed edits
  Ray Fassett (.JOBS):Jeff, I think it is fine to attach draft with status 
  avri:another way to combat a deferrral is to finish the work before asking 
people to consider it.
  Jeff Neuman:And we are asking the Council to read it and be ready to discuss.
  Jeff Neuman:not to vote on it
  Jonathan Tenenbaum:if there are only a few things to discuss why cant we get 
it done in time?
  Jonathan Tenenbaum:I think we shouldnt send as is, but I think we should work 
to submit in time if there are only a few pieces left to discuss
  Jonathan Tenenbaum:otherwise, sending a draft noting the remaining open items 
makes sense (or a status report with the draft attached)
  Jeff Neuman:I would like to get it done, dont get me wrong
  Jeff Neuman:But not sendindg this out for  another month until we can meet 
again in person seems excessive
  Jonathan Tenenbaum:I agree
  Jonathan Tenenbaum:You have all done much of the heavy lifting so I am not 
trying to play Monday morning QB either..  :-)
  Jonathan Tenenbaum:But I don't think putting the whole thing off a month when 
we are very close doesnt seem like the way to go
  Jonathan Tenenbaum:er..   seems like the way to go..  ignore the double 
negative there..
  Jonathan Tenenbaum:ok, we are way over..  thanks all

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