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RE: [jig] Moving forward & restarting Biweekly call

  • To: Edmon Chung <edmon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "jig@xxxxxxxxx" <jig@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [jig] Moving forward & restarting Biweekly call
  • From: Tina Dam <tina.dam@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 03:40:20 -0700

Hi Edmon, for the TLD acceptance program - this was started back in 2003 or 
2004 and was an early project for Karen Lentz and myself. For the limited 
purpose \at that time I believe we found it successful to some extend - but 
more needs to be done.

For this coming FY this is a new project we are taking up (should have been in 
the last 6months bit was de-prioritized due to lack of funding) so new 
initiatives are coming that way. In the last 6 months we solely participated in 
a few apps events, and remotely due to budget issues. But with the new FY 
coming up we hope to be able to provide more focus on it.

It will likely be run by me, but we need to make staff and resource decisions 
here mid-end july.


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> Edmon Chung
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> Subject: [jig] Moving forward & restarting Biweekly call
> Hi Everyone,
> Thanks again to everyone for taking their time on such an early
> schedule for the face-to-face meeting at ICANN Brussels.  I think the
> meeting was quite fruitful, and especial thanks to Tina for completing
> the briefing from the IDN Implementation Working Team for this group on
> the 2 issues.  With which, we can get started with our discussions
> building on the results.
> As discussed in our face-to-face meeting, I think it makes sense to
> split out the 2 issues and to discuss them one at a time.  Since the
> Single Character IDN TLD issue seems to have better clarity, in favour
> of shortest processing time, I think we can tackle that item first, and
> then move on to discuss the IDN TLD Variant issue.
> In terms of process going forward, I would suggest the following
> targets:
> For Single Character IDN TLD:
> - July 2010: Compile Initial Report
>       - Which would contain a background of the issue
>       - The stocktaking of issues of potential policy implications (and
> open it for comment and addition from community)
>       - Some preliminary viewpoints from the group (so that we can
> obtain comment from the community)
> - End of July 2010: Publish Initial Report for public comments
> - August 2010: Compile Final Report based on public comments received
> - September 2010: Submit report back to respective councils for
> consideration
> For IDN TLD Variant:
> - August 2010 (During the public comment period for the Single
> Character IDN TLD Initial Report): Start stocktaking of policy issues,
> along with background materials and definition.  Thereupon decide
> further on a reasonable schedule going forward.
> For Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs:
> - I wonder if anyone from ICANN Staff can help provide us a briefing on
> the progress/status of the program developed for ASCII gTLDs:
> http://www.icann.org/en/topics/TLD-acceptance/
>       - who is working on it?
>       - has the program been useful?
>       - what has worked and what has not worked in the past?
>       - how can we improve it / add IDN TLDs to it?
>       - how can we broaden the outreach for it?
>       - (the last 2 may essentially be what this group would further
> discuss on, but would be good to get some thoughts from staff as well
> if possible)
> Also as discussed, will look to continue with our biweekly conference
> calls starting July 6.
> Jian and I will draft a document for consideration regarding the Single
> Character IDN TLD issue shortly so we can get the discussions started
> online and then at our July 6 meeting.
> Gabi/Gisella,
> Please help setup the call and send notice out.  Thanks in advance. :-)
> Edmon

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