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".IBM" is a joke, right?

  • To: new-gtlds-pdp-initial-report@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: ".IBM" is a joke, right?
  • From: Mike Norton <michael.a.norton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 08:24:35 -0800 (PST)

  Dear ICANN PDP Rep's:
  Having initially looked over your GNSO DRAFT Initial Report, I'd like to 
request your sponsorship for my newly established business, Plumb Technologies, 
Inc., one that seeks to benefit from patent-pending technologies--data models, 
integrity services, web achitectures--while distributing that benefit in a way 
that supports the core values of ICANN as well as those core values of Plumb 
Technologies, Inc. (see attached chart for its intended positioning)
  First, I am amazed by the mention of a suggestion such as ".ibm" in your 
report.  Not to point fingers at any one specific company or individual, but 
such an idea would suggest that there is something inadequate with the Second 
Level Domain (www.ibm...) taxonomy.  On the contrary, placing corporate 
entities on a TLD level, prior to such positioning of society's governing 
systems within a dynamic TLD/DNS system, might come off a bit like Treason.  
I'm no lawyer, but a caveat for you nonetheless :)
  Substance:  I am a little distraught as to not find any mention of a method 
to utilize the TLD component of the Internet as a way to avoid emergence of 
chaotic and unsustainable environments for people.   There is an historical 
body of evidence which suggests that, despite the benefits of cross-cultural 
education and commerce that the Internet provides,  the need for data integrity 
is inprecedented, insomuch that violent disruptions by Internet systems are a 
result of such integrity loss.
  This integrity loss is human, although more universal than that is integrity 
"gain", if organizations like ICANN are willing, reflective of its scope, to 
allow an open-source, shareable method of technical allocation.    In that 
case, distributing the DNS function of ICANN, outside the scope of its mission 
(which is an international mission), can help preserve the integrity across and 
among nations.
  One way to acheive that would be, purely democratic, to install a .icann and 
.w3c TLD, the primary purpose of which would be to provide a sort of "Who's 
Who" directory with regard to Internet architecture, policy, and management.
  If there is a way you or one of your members could contact me about such a 
sponsorship with Plumb Technologies, Inc., whose mission is to provide a 
market-driven web integrity service to end-users, I'd love to hear from you.   
And if it's IBM who calls, then get ready for a humble pie ;) (and of course a 
request for licensing options)!

  Mike Norton
  Plumb Technologies, Inc.
  Juicy. Ripe.  Abundant.
  216 381-9565

"Throughout the ages there have always been times during which man may freely 
traverse from circles of the arts to circles of the sciences, from circles of 
business to circles of education, and from circles of government to circles of 
philanthropy and Bohemian splendor. Is this one of those times?"


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