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[npoc] NPOC Comments on new NCSG membership application

  • To: Robin Gross <robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Brenden Kuerbis <bkuerbis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [npoc] NPOC Comments on new NCSG membership application
  • From: Alain Berranger <alain.berranger@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 18:46:10 -0400

Hi Robin, Brenden,

Thanks again Brenden for your excellent first go at designing the new
online NCSG Membership Application form to be used by candidates for both
NPOC and NCUC memberships from now on.

Here are some aggregated feedback comments from the 3 persons who recently
completed the  3 NPOC applications for membership, using the new
application form proposed by NCSG and which we are using for  now (pending
an NCSG-EC discussion on the funding question which NPOC objects to -see

"Regarding the membership form, bearing in mind that we generally found it
user-friendly, We would suggest the following improvements:

1/Once the form is completed, the new membership applicant should receive
an email of acknowledgement.

2/ Insert/Highlight a PRINT option, for the new membership applicant who
wishes  to print out the form.

3/Regarding the space asking about funding sources, NPOC objects to it as
irrelevant information as all NFP/NGOs get their funding from one or a
combination of the following: public subsidies, membership fees, site
donations, endowment proceeds, fees for services, sponsorships, grants,
direct donations, gifts, fundraising campaigns, etc...At NPOC, regarding
the new form, we wish to continue the practice of requiring the applicant
to submit a copy of the legal document confirming NFP status from the
appropriate national authority. It is this document that confirms the NFP
status of the applicant. For cases in doubt, we can go back to the
applicant as the situationdictates.
4/In the NPOC website, the section "membership information" now explains
clearly the fact that there are two forms. I am not sure whether it is a
language issue (of mine),  but when I read in the heading "There are 2
methods to apply" , I understang that I can pick either of the two forms
inserted underneath the heading when I understand that a new member has to
fill in both forms...  (this is for NPOC to fix)."

Best regards, Alain

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 3:55 AM, Alain Berranger <alain.berranger@xxxxxxxxx>wrot

Alain Berranger, B.Eng, MBA
Member, Board of Directors, CECI,
Executive-in-residence, Schulich School of Business, www.schulich.yorku.ca
Treasurer, Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation, www.gkpfoundation.org
NA representative, Chasquinet Foundation, www.chasquinet.org
Chair, NPOC, NCSG, ICANN, http://npoc.org/
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