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Not a good solution

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  • Subject: Not a good solution
  • From: "JD Allen" <jd@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 09:13:57 -0500
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Hello Folks:
I must say that as a small e-commerce shop owner this is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. It is blindingly obvious that very few of the people that sit around fuming over a few pieces of junk email DO NOT earn their livings on the internet. This proposal may have nothing to do with you if you are a career burger flipper but for those of us that send out weekly customer mailings will be as usual in this SPAM war the ones that get screwed. I have a domain and my own mail server. I use my domain to sell products to my clients. To charge small legitimate owners of domains 2000 dollars to be able to contact their clients is just outright robbery. Many small e-commerce people make a LIVING off the internet and not very much more. Another 2000 dollar expense and 6 month approval waiting period would most likely finish off my little website and I am sure many others as well.
Also on the thought of letting one of the TOTALLY irresponsible Net-Nazi groups such as SpamHaus control and verify the .mail domains. (Note to author of the whole idea in the first place: How much crack did you smoke before you had this idea?) I used to own a small ISP a couple of years back. We mistakenly sold some CoLo space to a spammer. The next thing we knew about 10 days later WE had no email service. SpamHaus had blacklisted not only the IP addresses of the CoLo machines but our ISP's primary mail server as well. 4 months after terminating the spammers accounts in our system we were still trying to get our domain out of the SpamHaus blacklist. NOT A GOOD THING!! 
The whole point is we are back to punishing everyone for the irresponsible actions of a few. These few do not always include the spammers but also need to include the equally guilty anti spammers as well. The tactics of both groups is generally despicable and irresponsible. I also noticed that it was mentioned that the SpamHaus crew will not disclose who they are for fear of retribution from spammers.  Well, in my honest opinion. They would not have to hide from the world if ALL they had done was pick off a few spammer domains. Face it the spammers have deep pockets will just get new ones. The reason the cowards really hide is they fear retribution from the small legitimate businesses and responsible domain owners who have been damaged by their NO TOLERANCE block first and ask questions NEVER tactics.
Let me ask you. Have you ever tried to even contact an anti spam organization to try to get removed after being incorrectly labeled as a spam sender? GOOD LUCK!! You won't find them or get a reply. All you will have at the end of the day is a headache and still no clue as to why YOU received the title of spammer. Also as a legitimate small net business in every email we send to our list is a REMOVE REQUEST address that dumps to my inbox and a has functional reply address. If someone asks me to not send them any more email I MANUALLY do so before our next scheduled mailing.
This proposal will not help with a solution. It will just create more problems for legitimate small businesses that are just hanging on to begin with. Also I am sure that even if the .mail TLD comes into existence I will still have to delete the same 4 pieces of junk email I receive every morning.
Thank you for reading my views. I look forwards to reading many more from all of you.
JD Allen

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