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RE: [alac] ccNSO

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  • Subject: RE: [alac] ccNSO
  • From: Denise Michel <denisemichel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 10:31:46 -0800

**see my comments below


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>Subject: [alac] ccNSO
>I encourage you all to read the ccNSO-AG report at
>Some considerations:
>- About the PDP, while the ALAC may request the ccNSO to examine an
>issue in view of the possible creation of a task force, there is no
>explicit possibility for us to appoint liaisons to task forces; the
>ccNSO Council will appoint task forces made by 10 ccTLD reps (2 x
>Region) + up to three "advisors". Of course we might hope that one of
>such advisors comes from us, but there's no warranty on this.

**This also is true of the GNSO's policy development process (PDP) and task
forces (see http://www.icann.org/minutes/minutes-appa-annexa-31oct02.htm).
The ALAC can request that a PDP be initiated, and can also request to be
included in a task force, but the decision rests with ccNSO (as it does with
the GNSO).

>- I couldn't find any provision that allows the public (including us)
>to comment the work of the task force during its work; the task force
>may ask external advisors to submit "opinions", but it seems to be
>just an option. There is a public comment period (which includes us)
>after the task force releases its report, but it's just a period in
>which anyone may send comments which, at the discretion of the PDP
>manager, may or may not be attached to the task force report prior to
>its discussion by the ccNSO council. (I'm not sure whether this is the
>same process that is going to be used in the GNSO.)

**Actually, like the GNSO process, both the ALAC and the public would be
able to comment on the policy issue and the task force's ongoing work (prior
to release of a task force report).

Note:   "After initiation of the PDP, ICANN shall post a notification of
such action to the ICANN Website and to the other ICANN Supporting
Organisations and Advisory Committees. A comment period (in accordance with
the PDP Time Line) shall be commenced for the issue. Comments will be
accepted from ccTLD managers, other Supporting Organizations, Advisory
Committees and from the public. The Issue Manager, or some other designated
Council representative shall review the comments and incorporate them into a
report (the "Comment Report") to be included in either the Preliminary Task
Force Report or the Initial Report, as applicable."

**This is the same approach that will be used by the GNSO

>- The ccNSO council has an ALAC liaison with observer status. I'm not
>sure whether "observer" means that you don't vote but are allowed to
>participate in discussions, or whether you are required to stay

**"Observer" means you don't have a vote but are allowed to participate in
discussions.  Again, this is the arrangement we have with the GNSO and the
Board of Directors (for which the ALAC has liaisons).  Although it has
"non-voting status," the ALAC may comment on, and participate in the
development of, proposed policies at the task force and council level, as
well as at the Board level.

>vb.                  [Vittorio Bertola - vb [at] bertola.eu.org]<---
>-------------------> http://bertola.eu.org/ <-----------------------

6. Public Notification of Initiation of the PDP

After initiation of the PDP, ICANN shall post a notification of such action
to the Website. A public comment period shall be commenced for the issue for
a period of twenty (20) calendar days after initiation of the PDP. The Staff
Manager, or some other designated representative of ICANN shall review the
public comments and incorporate them into a report (the "Public Comment
Report") to be included in either the Preliminary Task Force Report or the
Initial Report, as applicable.

2. Outside Advisors. The task force, should it deem it appropriate or
helpful, may solicit the opinions of outside advisors, experts, or other
members of the public, in addition to those of constituency members. Such
opinions should be set forth in a report prepared by such outside advisors,
and (i) clearly labeled as coming from outside advisors; (ii) accompanied by
a detailed statement of the advisors' (A) qualifications and relevant
experience; and (B) potential conflicts of interest. These reports should be
submitted in a formal statement to the task force chair within thirty-five
(35) calendar days after initiation of the PDP.

b. At the end of the twenty (20) day period, the Staff Manager will be
responsible for reviewing the comments received and adding those deemed
appropriate for inclusion in the Staff Manager's reasonable discretion to
the Task Force Report or Initial Report (collectively, the "Final Report").
The Staff Manager shall not be obligated to include all comments made during
the comment period, including each comment made by any one individual or

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