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Username: massoudsaghafi
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 10:48 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
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Subject: Support for


As the Internet is expanding worldwide (and pretty soon space-wide!) beyond anybody's imagination, it is becoming more and more difficult to know what is out there and to access information efficiently and conveniently.  One can now find directories that are written after directories and for directories on the Web!  With, the search process will be significantly more efficient and 100% effective since a simple telephone no. may serve as a unique business ID and one mere directory that is not only easily available now but familiar to most consumers can be used at no cost to potential users.  This directory (a simple phone directory in most of the world) will be much more economical to provide and maintain for the providers as well since the phone companies worldwide, already have the bulk of the required information at their disposal.  The potential user turns his/her PC on, goes into the Internet, types in a phone number and gets ALL s/he needs at the speed of the Internet.  It is a great added value to move a large portion of the "non-tech savvy" consumers to the age of the Internet and to make life much easier and efficient for the current Internet friendly user group worldwide.  As an academician and a consultant, information search is an integrate part of my career life and strongly support creation of a TLC.

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