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Username: Mark
Date/Time: Mon, April 3, 2000 at 9:45 AM GMT
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Subject: Few if any new gTLDs should be introduced


        Should new gTLDs be introduced? I think the answer to this question is far from obvious. While new extensions might give small businesses additional "entry points" into internet commerce, more extensions could also increase confusion among internet users. The whole purpose of domain names is to help people remember where to find an entity without having to type an address like "" Having dozens or hundreds of new extensions would only defeat that purpose because the "good" names would all appear under the many extensions.

In addition, it is doubtful that more extensions would eliminate speculation in choice names. Even with additional extensions, what would stop a large firm or wealthy individual from buying up and accumulating a considerable fraction of the "business." or "drugs." names?

If ICANN does decide to introduce new names (and the case for doing so is far from clear-cut), then it should do so slowly and cautiously. Remember that Jon Postel, the late internet pioneer, advocated adding new names only at a slow and deliberate pace. The argument that "adding new names is a mandate of ICANN" does not prove that new gTLDs would be good for the growth of the internet in business and throughout the world.


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