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Username: kodo
Date/Time: Sun, April 16, 2000 at 11:14 PM GMT (Sun, April 16, 2000 at 6:14 PM EST)
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Subject: READ: More speculators who fear competition


All of the posts saying "Don't add new gTLDs" or "only add one new gTLD" are being written by spectulators and cybersquatters. These people own lots of "dot com" names for sale and don't want to lose money. You can identify these people be reading things such as:

1) All existing domain name holders (ie: me) should get first pick if new gTLDS are added.

2) I am opposed to adding new gTLD's because it would cause confusion among my clients, the public, or the Net users.

3) Don't introduce new gTLDS until trademark issues are sorted out. (read: stall the process until I can sell of my "dot com" names)

If you read all the posts on this entire forum. There are those who support the addition of new gTLDs (the general public) and thos who don't want new gTLDs (owners of existing "dot com" names) to be added to the root. But, regardless of the reasons they give to support their claim that new gTLDs should not be added there is a common theme among all of them:

"Don't add new names, because it is not in my best financial interest to do so yet. Let's wait awhile until it serves my needs better"

The best one that I have seen is the one that appeals to your sense of helping other people - 'instead of adding new gTLDs let's instead just increase the use of ccTLDs to help poor people in third world countries improve their lives'.

At best all this can be described as: FUD (fear,uncertainty,doubt)

These people have no interest in what is best for the Net community as a whole, they are just concerned about their precious investment that they have made in hoarding "dot com" names to resell to businesses at a tidy profit. Do not buy into these arguments. Ask yourself these questions while reading their posts:

1) Who will benefit from what this person is suggesting?

2) Does this person own a domain reselling business? (Or, is there a financial conflict of interest involved?)

3) Does this post use FUD (fear,uncertainty,doubt) to try to make a point about why new domains shouldn't be added?

I think if you view these "anti gTLD" posts with a fresh perspective you will see that the only people who are against the idea are those who stand to lose money if it happens.

This has been going on since 1994. The addition of new gTLDs into the root names servers is technically an easy thing to do. For example, look at the addition of the INT domain (.int). Someone decided to add it. The decision was made. The domain was added to the root servers. It was that easy! But, the reason that .web, .shop, .arts and others haven't been added already is that there are a bunch of people and businesses who stand to lose a LOT of money if this happens.

So,what do they do? THEY STALL THE PROCESS ! It has been in a stalemate for over 5 years now because some people, somewhere are paying a lot of money to prevent this from happening. This is not a technical decision - it is a political decision. So, it is about time that we stopped caring about the financial interests of a select few and started thinking about the needs of the Internet users as a whole.

Add new gTLDs now !



Link: The INT domain name

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