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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Tue, April 4, 2000 at 1:40 PM GMT
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Subject: Add only one new gtld and see what happens!


        Again: Instead of adding 6-10 new gtlds, it might be prudent to first add only one gtld and to see what happens.
1. Why not just activate the "old" .web, which already in 1996 was given to image online design, but still has not been added to the A-root servers.
2. The pre-registrations through Core concerning .web should not be added or only after the ones of image online and in that case not through any round-robin method, as this method seems to me highly unserious, creating a two class registration-service including an extremely expensive "premium-pre-registring" service to "safely" register a domain name. This is worse than what we have right now.
3. Besides that, image online has a trademark on .web and I can imagine, that this might cause serious legal problems.
4. Apart from that it would be kind of strange to be discussing the trademark problems in ICANN and at the same time infringe the .web trademark ...
5. The best solution seems to me to take over the registrations already effected through image online design (the same way as it happened with the .com registrations effected earlier by networksolutions) and then to allow all the official registers of .com, .org and .net gTLDs to extend their services to the new .web gTLD.
6.This would make new domain names available, solve the legal .web problem and give an opportunity to learn how the internet reacts or changes in case new gTLDs are added.


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