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Username: saskia
Date/Time: Wed, April 5, 2000 at 9:31 AM GMT (Wed, April 5, 2000 at 10:31 AM CET)
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Subject: I don't agree


        Yes, some names that might become worth a lot in the future have been taken at, but I still think they should be registered before anyone else:

1. There are a lot (!) of non-speculative registrations as well at Ordinary people and ordinary companies seeing a chance to grab a good name for their business/hobby/whatever. Together all of these have spent a lot of money on this and I don't think it's fair to reject these names.

2. The problem that someone eventually is going to be the owner of lets say "loans.web" (and mayby become a "multi-millionaire") isn't solved by not accepting webtld registrations. It will only leed to someone else getting it, and I'm pretty sure that that one won't be neither me nor you.

3. IODesign who runs "The .WEB registry" have trademarked ".WEB" (or something like that). They argue that if ".IBM" had been suggested as a gTLD IBM certainly had acted to protect their trademark. My impression is that IODesign will too.

4. IODesign is up and running with their registry and have prooved that it works. It will be a smooth start to the .WEB gTLD letting IODesign be the firt registry.

So, let IODesign be the first to register their .WEB-names, and let's hope that there is a settlement between IODesign and ICANN (?) so that the progress of new gTLD:s, including .WEB, isn't delayed more than necessary.


-- Saskia

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