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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Wed, April 5, 2000 at 10:35 AM GMT
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Subject: I don't agree


                        1. Webtld has been authorised through IANA to register .web in 1996. ICANN suceeded the IANA and should respect this fact.

2. Speculations have certainly increased since 1996. The people who registered .web through image online design's are mainly private people, and many of them registered at a time, when it was still easy to get good .com, .net or .org names, too. If these registrations will not be activated not even 5% of the so called "good names" will be owned by any private people after a new registration process, anymore.

3.a. The CORE people are pre-registring .web, too. They have not been authorized by anybody to do so and they infringe the .web trademark of image online design. If their activity will be supported in any respect, ICANN looses its credibility concerning trademark issues in the internet.

b. Furthermore, The CORE offers pre-rgistration-services for a lot of gtlds, not only for .web. The "round-robin method" used by CORE and the immense costs for "premium-services" are a clear tentative to make vast amounts of money through registring new domain-names. These costs will increase the "value" of domain-names, because if you have to use the premium-service of all the registrars of CORE, in order to be sure of getting your domain-name, you will have to spend over 50'000$ instead of 35$ already for the initial registration.
A good business for CORE and of course they are not happy about comments like this one, but the CORE system would certainly be the worst of all solutions possible.
Internic had earlier been attacked for charging too much for their registration services. The Core people should try to remember this.

c. Mr. Graham does not mention the fact, that the CORE-pre-registrars are also already "booked" on the "good names", like: loans.web", "internet.web", "web.web", "domain.web", "car.web", "computer.web". Those names are no longer to be pre-registered there, either.
The only difference is, that in the CORE system not the first, but the one who pays the highest price will get the domain name concerned.
All the other hope and pay, but don't get anything.

A fair system?

Friedrich Kisters



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