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Username: enforcer
Date/Time: Mon, April 10, 2000 at 12:25 AM GMT
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Subject: New TLD's are not needed


        Adding new TLD's is not yet needed. There are many good two word
domains still unregistered under the .com extension and numerous ones under the .net extension. Most of the good two word .com names registered have not even been developed into sites! This is also the case for a significant number of one word .com domains. There are several "add ons" to a name that aren't quite the same as adding an extra word. Examples which are in common usage for .com include: e, e-, i, i-, online, web, cyber, my, etc.. Therefore, the net effect is to end up with up to ten times as many domains possible and these "add ons" fuction to a large extent as a substitute for new top level TLD's. These "add ons" apply to .net to a much lesser extent and therefore less names are registered with .net and even less would be for any other TLD added. The other point I wanted to make was that most of the domains that have been registered under the .com and .net extensions are presently not developed as active web sites and have mostly been registered for speculative investment. These inactive domains are available for sale and could potentially be of sufficient supply for new internet companies for several more years.

Harry S.    


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