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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Mon, April 10, 2000 at 1:54 PM GMT
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Subject: Sorry Raj, but again I can't share your opinion


      You say that people would not go for speculation anymore, if new gtlds were created.

Did you watch, how many people already preregistered with the many CORE registrars or affiliates existing? Many of those "new domain names to come" seem to be already booked in advance. And this even facing the high risk that they will never be activated, as CORE has never been authorized to register under any of these "new" domain-names.

There are names you don't find with .art anymore, but you still can quietly register in the existing .net domain!
I think one can talk of a registering-hysteria which may have been started through the activities of the CORE people and now seems to drive the whole Internet mad.

I propose the following steps:

To avoid trademark conflicts, I strongly recommend to activate IOD's .web registrations.
It may also make sense to introduce an .xxx and a .game gtld in order to separate those websites from the the others.

Trust it: All the rest will create an even bigger hysteria. Each time new gtlds will be entered the amount of people trying to speculate with them will grow bigger. It will be like gold-digging. Tell someone, that this time you just found a "nugget" in .shop and you'll have hundreds or thousands of late-comer hysterics to try to get the same "nugget" in the new to come .gold gtld which will be added "next time"!

Let the Internet calm down a little and force people to use their imagination and creativity while looking for a domain-name. It may be the only way out of the current hysteria.



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