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Username: Lyrad
Date/Time: Sat, April 15, 2000 at 6:28 AM GMT (Fri, April 14, 2000 at 11:28 PM PDT)
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Subject: IOD registration


I think that artificial barriers need to be dropped outright.

It boils down to three issues.

1) Viability: has successfully inclused the NSI in it's lawsuit against NetworkSolutions. WHY? because the court agree that there is merit to the position that the Internet could handle hundreds of TLDs.
If it smells like garlic it is garlic. New Country TLDs are added all the time and nothing breaks. Seems like they have tested it so far and it works.

2) Protection:Intenational Laws already provide a solution for the companies. Unless they are late to the game. By the way there is case law protecting a domian owner against a company who was late to the game.Also a slew of laws continue to protect against fraud and other crimes.

3) When will the new domains appear?: With continued pressure by writing your elected officials and ICANN, It's just a matter of time.
exactly how will make people mad no matter what. Again please read my earlier postings reguarding database registries reguardless of a 2 year threshold.

Because there are  many "registry databases" that are older than 2 years and they don't all use a single A Root to check registrations. So even if .web is adopted there will be a lit of angry people out there.
Bascialy ICANN has a no winner on its hands and this is why it's government directed (for now).

Its liek acne, the sooner the TLDs are added the faster we can all act to clear the problems up.  By waiting we now have a huge mess with competing roots.

heres one for ya, If all of those millions of people who have domains wake up and get educated or better yet organized there would be a voice better than the list offered in the recent position paper by that Washington DC lobby for the music industry.

Add to that new domains, new people..

This is what all the waiting is about. Everyone knows that information wants to be free and new TLDs will empower more voices. But ICANN knows it will happen sooner or later because of the pioneering litigation begun by So I bet they would rather do it on their terms than on the terms of a Federal Court judge. Just ask Microsoft.

ICANN can lead by opening up the TLDs or I bet Congress would live to give the control to another group say maby one called IREALLYCAN :)


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