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Username: frank s.
Date/Time: Mon, April 17, 2000 at 6:04 AM GMT
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Subject: You seeing the white side of a white and black ball


By singling out those with opinions that run contrary to your own, you are no better than the people you accuse of speculating and hoarding. I agree with your idea that we should add hundreds of domains and I also and equally agree with those that say we should only add a few. The point is you must pursue one tac or another and make it clear that this is what you are going to do. Without a plan you have no structure and without structure you have anarchy.

New GTLDs should be added in the same fashion as telephone numbers.. AS NEEDED. The fact of the matter is new GTLDs are simply not needed.  Will new GTLDs get added? Undoubtedly. It would be nearly impossible for ICANN to do nothing on the issue at this juncture given the political pressure.

ICANN should cautiously add a few well thought out GTLDs. They should make certain that all ICANN accredited registrars have the ability to sell those new GTLDs and that all sales should begin at the same time with NO PRE-REGISTRATION. Most importantly, when ICANN does release new GTLDs they should make a firm statement as to the direction they are taking the naming system so as to instill confidence in the business community and the investing public. Just as Alan Greenspan does when he changes interest rates, it is important for those who invest in the Internet to have confidence in the naming structure and it's governing body as we move forward.

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